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Oh So Hero! Play as the dragonesque hero Joe to fight and fornicate with enemies, build intimate relationships with anthropomorphic characters, and embark on a sex-filled adventure to win the mysterious alien Gerrabacco tournament being held on Joe's island!

Pre Edition II v0. You can support development and play new versions of the game—with new characters, features, and lewd animations—by becoming a patron on Patreon! Got questions? We have answers on the Oh So Hero! FAQ — Learn the controls, locate save data, discover who makes the game, and much more!

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We'll be updating this, as well as the in-game information, as development progresses. Right-click OhSoHero. On the prompt, if there is an Open option, click it. Otherwise, click Cancel, then repeat the process from the right-click. Adult games are never verified by Apple, so this is a required workaround. Log in with itch. Yeah, the old build worked, the new one has the pink screen of the Death known to happen in unity games. I hope the devs fix when they can. Is there a gallery mode as of yet?

Or do I have to go through the game for the scenes I wish to see?

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The game have very unique animations, banger music and overall very well polished but Cheers, Huang! If you would like to send us error logs, we can use this to deduce the issue. Hello, are you guys planning on adding voice acting in the future? The game plays great, keep up the good work! The full game is not complete yet. When it is finished, we plan on releasing it much like any other game that is released. Patreon is used for in-progress demo builds. You don't have to be a patron to ask a question.

Feel free to ask anything you want and we will try to answer when we have time. It won't let me do the ground pound attack. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to jump and press the attack button midair, it doesn't work. None of my keys are broken. Such a nice game! Is there any way to add one of our own characters in the game being enemy or playable? Or all the characters are already planned for it? We have many characters planned for the future and some that will be created as we develop.

For now, you can give ideas for species oh so hero NPCs to add, if you're a patron. We may open up potential for more specific input later. You know what I think would make it a bit more enjoyable? A gallery where you can see all scenes of encounters with mobs you had! And maybe translations to other languages but that can wait for me, I don't mind playing this game in English even if it isn't my mother language :.

We have a gallery in the new patron-exclusive builds.

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Additional languages will be coming later! Unfortunately, saves from versions before 0. They are in the newest patreon build! We currently don't have any plans to release another public build. Actualmente no hay planes. Very fun, the animations, areas and enemies are perfect. Especially the animations, they're creative as heck. The fish scene had me surprised I can't wait for the full version! I chose the one with the most MB's for the Windows, and it did, somewhat, load up, but it was taking really long to load.

Do you think I should have waited until oh so hero loaded fully, considering it already takes so long to load? OMG, excuse the crap out of my impatient ass. It works perfectly fine. I just needed to wait. Its great. I do see a few comments s concerning an Android port, are there current plans in the works for the port or is that just a wish on Android using fans' minds? Android is something we've experimented with. There are no definitive plans for an Android port right now.

We'll oh so hero release more information about this sometime this year. This nature on a shared device. But, yeah it looks wonderful, I've had my eyes on it for like, I don't know, a year now I think?? It just looks awesome and I can't wait to try it, when everything's said and done, good work Devs and sorry for this unnecessarily long comment. Can someone tell me how to get the Sensual Body paint and Max hp up? I know they're in Treewish forest, but where and how do you get them?

Honestly I'm just hoping for an eventual android version so I can actually play, cause you definitely seem to be putting in a lot of effort with this game and I'm curious! Just curious, will you guys be adding a gallery option to keep track of all the animations you've seen?

We're working on this currently and it should be available to patrons in the next month or two. Loved this game to death, great animations and scenes that are all enjoyable. Again, great game! Thanks, Di4blo! We haven't yet decided if we will be releasing another public demo yet.

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I figure we should know by the time summer rolls around. You can follow us on Twitter FullFrontalFrog or other social media and we'll provide news when we've made a decision. Are you 18 years of age or older? Remember my setting for this browser. Yes, I am 18 or older or Return to itch. Pre Edition II. A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Oh So Hero is a 2. More information. Download Download oh-so-hero-v0. Download oh-so-hero-v0. Nov 29, Aug 20, Aug 12,

Oh so hero

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