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That's it, just one level and you have everything! You have my personal thanks, a spot in the credits of each RECAPitation, a special role on my Discord server, and access to the Deep Cut videos, a behind-the-scenes series on each RECAPitation where I share my personal thoughts, commentaries and review. This is a special Patron-pick released once a month besides the usual posting. Show more.

About Oni Black Mage. Hello fellow adventurer, thanks for making you way to my Patreon oni patreon. For years I have been providing humble tips and optimization strategies for games, personal editorials, and largely recapping the stories of games to fans and first-timers alike. While I am not working on videos full time yetthe more you support, the more I can invest time and effort into expanding the library of content I still produce online that will remain free to anyone that wants to watch.

What does this include? The main show is RECAPitation, a series that provides an in-depth recap to story-rich games in an informative manner. Finally, there is the more casual Digital Hindsight, where I post personal opinions and topics. No matter how you support me, thank you for allowing me to share my passion with you, and I love hearing from you how great it is to go on these adventures again. Your support means the world to me, and I hope I can continue to entertain and educate all of you for as long as you keep watching! Please me for another adventure and I'll see you on the next battlefield!

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Oni patreon

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