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PerfectGirls was registered by some enterprising perv way back in A couple of years later they started hosting videos, and by it looked very much like it does now. I'm not even sure, why they didn't get "perfectgirls. They just figured out a format that worked and stuck with it.

There have been refinements over the years, and they continue to improve, but the core look is the same: a huge grid of dirty movies, featuring every type of hot slut engaged in every imaginable form of depravity. Hover over an image for a video preview, click it to watch the whole thing.

One big improvement that Perfect Girls "tube" implemented late, only within the last few years, is the option to browse videos by category. That would have been a deal-breaker for me. The Internet is worldwide, so it makes sense to appeal to users everywhere. All the video titles remain in English, anyway.

I immediately see hot names like Mia Khalifa and Mia Malkova. There are obviously a ton of top-shelf, big-production pornos on PerfectGirls, but there are also some nice looking Amateur movies listed. The clips themselves come from all over the place. Each video lives perfect girls. net its own with an adequate built-in player. Most clips just give you a title, date added, views, runtime, and a list of. The are the most useful bit here, since you can click your way through other smut in the same genre.

I honked my horn to this green-haired chick, Phoenix Madina, getting gagged and riding cock on a sofa.

The links gave me quick access to more lingerie, anal, and BDSM scenes, but to get more Phoenix I had to type her name in the search. Ironically, they do have a Pornstars you get to from a link in the header. Unlike thewhich link to actual video tags, the Pornstars just runs a search when you click the name. Whatever works, I guess.

Speaking of tags, they also have a that lists all the tags. I also see weird bullshit like Kristine, in case you have a fetish for my ex or pornstars named Kristine. You can only sort by the Top Videos of All Time, or within a more recent time frame. The one and only filter option lets you search All the videos or just the HD ones. Cookies and Other Features I clicked the Favorites link in the header, thinking it would show me overall user favorites.

Just for shits and giggles, though, I tried clicking the Favorite heart under a video of a tattooed babe getting tit-fucked. It popped up on my Favoriteseven without an. Goddamn Fucking Popups! Spam is a cat-and-mouse game. Someone invents a pop-up, someone writes software to block it. The pop-up inventor rewrites it as a pop-under, and the adblocker has to catch up. It goes on forever. You can sometimes get an idea of how successful a site is by how well their spam gets by your filter. The smut purveyors who make more money can spend more on shitty.

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