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It is like being enthralled in a good book where everything around you Just seems to pass by, without philohunter tumblr notice to things around That is like hypnosis, it le to a state like that Bringing you into a trance-like state in which what you read and follow it with your mind Philohunter tumblr first step, Think of the mind like a ball of yarn One that can easily unravel It just the right steps and words need to be said Have you ever noticed that with each blink you become more focused on the words?

How long have you been into hypnosis? Do you like visual fixation on spirals, eyes, swinging objects etc. Originally posted by buraktos. Oh dear, so it was brought to my attention recently that minors have been getting into erotic hypnosis communities again. Now this is a thing that has happened and probably will always happen but I feel as someone with a platform to speak about it I need to especially as it was brought to my attention recently.

I have gathered my thoughts and this video basically sums up how I feel on minors in adult spaces and why we all need to be role models and encourage our younger followers to wait until they are of age before exploring further into our content. An empty shell…ready to obey…. Contains hypnosis and robot girls.

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The link above will take you to the Newgrounds. This animation was funded through Patreon! In addition to helping me make more content like this in the future, patrons also get early access to works like these, among various other perks. Philohunter tumblr do not place any long-term paywalls on my content.

She let out a sigh, she felt her eyes getting tired and her mind wandering. She snapped back awake. She looked at the runtime on her phone. Have I been watching this for 50 minutes? She was laying down now, in lingerie, and her phone was recording her.

Then something in her brain popped.

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She began furiously touching herself. Did she even want it to? What am I doing? Where did that thought come from? A bolt of pleasure shot through her. She tried to close her eyes, realizing that the spiral must be effecting her. Her eyes kept popping open. She wanted it she needed it. Must be a philohunter tumblr girl! The sheets became soaked with her will and resistance as the orgasm pushed it from her body. She quivered under the influence of the most powerful and sensual orgasm she had ever had.

She smiled up at her phone, knowing she had done well and hit the button.

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Just like the good girl She was. Posts Likes Following Submit a post Archive.

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What is Hypnosis? Anonymous asked: Hypnosis Kink asks: 1, 6, What do you love about being hypnotised? Let your mind go deeply. Hypnosis is fun and you can take a break for a moment here with hypnosis Tumblr. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk and I hope this was informative. Agreeing whole-heartedly with this. Rainbow Hypnosis.

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Fuuuuu knowing-smile cardboard please! Curly Brace and Quote are from Cave Story. This is like a mix of most of my fetishes I love it. Good girl…. Oh man…I love this so much. See this in the app Show more. Recently Liked. Every drink more Horny more aroused.

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