Playclub illusion

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Respected User. Former Staff. Jun 3, 2, Overview: Prey that can not escape You are hired to rape them Breaking them into submission Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now. Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, Reactions: CribeLucyMegaNorm56 and others. May 30, 13 Lookin goood. Reactions: Deleted memberanonykunRockoon12 and 1 other person. Chel Active Member.

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Jun 1, 1, Looks good, but sad that it isnt entirely english. May 11, Deleted member Active Member. Nov 23, Does this game come with the patch? Or should I look for it elsewhere? Jan 25, Orevir said:. Reactions: Deleted member Jun 1, HellHound said:. Reactions: Balub.

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Sep 14, 1, 15, Jesus Christ illusion just how much rapey can u get. Reactions: srg91Balubpootin and 1 other person. Antares23 Newbie. May 4, 57 Aug 27, 43 Alexander Krisnov said:. Jun 17, 12 5. Illusion make a good games. Reactions: Mychael Dark and Lucifer Crossel Newbie. May 15, 18 Illusion are great in graphics, animations, coding Reactions: Lucifer Jun 18, 3 1. Anon21 Active Member.

Mar 29, 1, If anyone is wondering why the lighthearted sounding game title? Play and Prey are spelt exactly the same in Japanese katakana. May 5, 2 0. Is there any way to it elsewhere? I can not download that because of that stupid mega quota limit May 28, Pyrosushi said:.

KinneyX23 Active Member Modder. Game Developer. Dec 20, 1, You have 16 gb of RAM which is better than regular. R9 x is actually a decent card and was pretty much AMD's best back when gtx was out. Fx is a decent CPU and a non overclocked version playclub illusion That is a good rig. Reactions: -Shay.

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KinneyX23 said:. Sadly, that's not really a guarantee, that the games works.

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Even with Crossfire disabled, the runs like shit. I thought, it's because of my graphics Card sso I tested the game with my workstation and surprise, it runs there with exactly the same perfomance. The tip from hongfire for Windows 10 is great but, only if you are still with the Anniversary Update, but if you use the Creators Update, playclub illusion doesn't help anymore. At least for me. The Problem is, that the core clock is raised as soon as you start the game, but the memory clock isn't.

In my case it didn't matter if it was a AMD graphics card or a nVidia one. The only System, where the games works okay-ish is my Laptop, with an Intel chip, but yeah That thing is soo damn slow Jun 5, Op take this file and it with every game.

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Its the official fix for the lag for windows Reactions: idontknowassbe1airkGodofKings and 5 others. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

Playclub illusion

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