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Just wanted to give you a he up.

HBO is known to aggressively give out cease and desist letters for their shows. I know several friends who got hit with a lot of letters for episodes of Boardwalk Empire a month or two down the road after downloading them at release, and these were from legitimate trackers Demonoid, etc.

Just make sure you know the possible consequences, as even though its just a cease and desist you may have further scrutiny for other downlo. I'm in Australia and there is no way for me to watch the series otherwise. If HBO were smart, they'd give me a legal alternative. I'd willingly pay to watch it if I could. I think by being international you are much safer anyways. Wouldn't really be worth the effort to target people outside the US. I feel so bad for torrenting it, but we really have no legitimate way to contribute beyond buying the dvd's when they are released :.

I've sent HBO an asking about digital distribution, saying I want to support it but don't have cable because I'd rather not get screwed, and that I'm sure there were many others unable to access via Cable that would want to support it. I sent it like a week ago, never got a reply. A legal alternative?

You mean like waiting for the DvDs to come out, and buy those? I'm in the same boat. Which city are you in? I wonder if it'd be possible to organise screenings of GoT for redditors. Apparently it will be legally available on Showcase Use private forums with links to direct download sites.

Safest method available for free. What sites would one look toward for game of thrones? I'm at school at the moment, and I've already been caught in the past, so my next offense will most likely result in my internet privileges being revoked, so I'm pretty hesitant at the moment. Actually, not very safe as those sites could be required to fork over ip information on certain downlo. If you want safe, but slow: irc. You'll have to hunt down the channels that serve tv.

If you want safe, but fast, but a bit of a pain: usenet. Being in Sweden, I think I'm safe but I'll be buying the series on Blu-ray when it's released so I don't feel particularly bad about it, they'll get their money. Best bet is usenet. From what I've heard it doesn't do much.

If its possible to find direct download links or streams that's probably better than the torrents just because your IP is public by nature in a torrent. Warning to those torrenting. Posted by 10 years ago. Hey guys, Just wanted to give you a he up.

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Reddit game of thrones torrent

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Episode S08E05 is available on torrent platforms, enjoy!