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This is a throwaway for obvious reasons. Just for context, she's 9 years older than me. I've been living abroad for the past 2 years and honestly, we don't really speak that much. I've never been sexually attracted to my sister. I would have seen her thong a lot when growing up but there were never any fantasies or anything like that. Anyway, I had to return home for a wedding and she drove us there. We had a great catch up and laughed a lot.

The hotel messed up or so I thought and gave us a room with a double bed instead of two single beds. I was going to be drunk and didn't care where I passed out. I went to bed to pass out as the jet lag was overwhelming. My cousin helped me into the room and I went to pass out on the bed still in my clothes. I don't know when my sister followed me into the room but she started talking to me. Pestering me to keep drinking, so I gave in for one last glass of wine. She wished could find someone like me and told me that I shouldn't hate the way I look before I'm an attractive guy.

I jokingly said that if she wasn't my sister, I wouldn't think twice. I'm overthinking now, maybe if I never said this, none of this would of happened. She kissed me. I kissed her back. Then I just started at her, couldn't believe what just happened. I was getting hard for her. She pushed me onto the bed, took off my pants and sucked me off. I was ready to explode but then she got on top of me. I lasted a total of 10 seconds. We didn't even say anything afterwards. I just laid there in silence, disgusted what just happened. In disbelief that what just happened was real life.

I eventually passed out and woke up alone a few hours later. I honestly thought it was a bad dream for 5 seconds until my heart started pounding. I showered for like 30min, just standing there, thinking how the fuck did that happen. I went down for lunch and the strangest thing happened, my sister and I just acted as is we didn't fuck a few hours ly. She was super cool about it.

I'm still so confused by it all. Did she plan this or something? Did she purposely book a room with a double bed? Anyway, on the drive home, we had a cousin us, so we didn't talk about it. We still haven't talked about it.

I'm too ashamed to acknowledge it and ask her to reddit sex sister. What's confusing the shit out of me is that I can't stop thinking about her. Fantasizing about doing all tying her up and fucking her in the ass until reddit sex sister begs me to stop. Payback for all those times she tickled me until I couldn't breathe when I was younger.

Am I fucked up now? Have I always been this fucked up? I literally can't tell anyone about this other than saying it here. A part of me wishes I could turn back the clock but the other part of me is excited about what could potentially happen in the future. Thanks for reading. I'll update this thread when I eventually speak to her about it.

Idk, she sounded like she was just very lonely and depressed. If she also was drunk it could have been reddit sex sister mistake, with her emotions all riled up about that age and single life. She got mixed up at the time blending the line of family love and relationship love.

Shit happens when you're mentally unhinged like that, you can't establish the difference between right or wrong. Everything can just be a cloud of haze in your mind.

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But again, until you actually find out she could have intentionally did all this because she sees you as the only person who actually loves her. Again the whole mentally unhinged thing due to depression and such. You can easily continue forward with it if your sister agrees, or easily stop by figuring it out that you two shouldn't be doing these things. Just don't let it spiral out of control, that's how serial killers are born. A lot of important things to take into consideration from your response. I really appreciate the serious reply, thanks! If this is reddit sex sister real, I feel for you.

This isn't something society is going to condone in your lifetime. A talk with sis is definitely in order, and if you two pursue a relationship, please don't procreate. Still waiting to talk. I'm leaving the country on Thursday, so will definitely happen before then. No chance there'll be a relationship let alone procreate that's just inhumane. Who cares, we're a bunch of barely civilized barbarians.

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Get your freak on. The world is full of murderers, rapists, thieves, cheaters, and all around terrible people. So long as it reddit sex sister consensual, then you are both fine. If it reddit sex sister you that badly, don't do it and maybe talk to a professional. Speaking to a professional would be the right thing to do but would be so difficult to go and admit what happened to a stranger face to face. I heard that the taboo is due to the babies health, and not because of the relationship.

Such events normally happen when you are drunk, drinking makes you take bad decisions. How is she cool about it? Is she one of those people that represses her emotions? Is that one factor of why she is depressed? Just make sure she takes the morning after pill Tbh it is kind of messed up in principle, but its mostly looked at that way because thats how our society looks at it. In some asian countries its even considered normal for cousins to be together. But i think a few things factored into your situation. Personally i always think its a lame excuse because people usually know what theyre doing, they just care less.

But to each their own, it definitely can impact descision making. Moving away and growing apart from your sister could have also lessened the emotional limits you fealt. Because youve been distant in every day life, as well as within your own relationship with her you may have felt less of a sibling type bond and more of a sexual tension built bond. Almost like cousins or more distant family. Essentially you saw her as less than family, and more like a potential sexual partner.

Talk to her. Put it all on the table, but either way move on. At the bare minimum you learned a life lesson. Youll be alright. It will pass. Pretend that it never happened. When she asks you about it someday, act like she is crazy or joking.

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You don't remember anything. You were drunk and went to bed - end of story. It could be that she starts to believe it really never happened and it was just all in her head. Or she could think that you were so drunk that you had a blackout. Either way, that's the best solution. Dude, you seriously need to forget this ever happened. Do not pursue this any further. It's wrong and disgusting and reprehensible. The fact that it even happened is bullshit and you're both to blame, but at the very best, get it out of your brain and forget it, don't reddit sex sister to go any further with it. I know I'm fucked up but Jesus Christ, if you think it's just two adults having fun, there's something seriously wrong with you.

I had sex with my biological sister two nights ago and I feel disgusted that I want to do it again. Posted by 4 years ago.

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Sort by: best. Anyways, whatever happens best of luck to you. What the fuck. Yeah I can't stop repeating this over and over in my head. If you need a stand-in I got your back. It's not a little thing though, it's incest. I like your style. Talk to her before you go it will eat away at you. But i think a few things factored into your situation; 1: The alcohol. Continue this thread.

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Reddit sex sister

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I had a sexual relationship with my sister on and off for about a year when we were in high school. AMA.