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Don't ask for or link to illegal downlo, don't mention sites where illegal downlo are hosted, and don't encourage illegal downloading. Translation patches are allowed. All questions are allowed, but will follow these guidelines. If a VNDB for a newly announced VN is available, make sure to post it in the comments when you've submitted the post. If you want to promote your VNs, you have to be an active member of the community and partake in discussion as well.

This is to ensure that the developers here care for the community here as well as their own products. Hide spoilers like this: [visible title of VN] s "hidden spoilery text" which shows up as visible title of VN. Posts Helpful Links. Other VN Subreddits. Hot New Top Rising. Hot New Top. Posted by tfw no murder mystery to solve: vndb.

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We hit 1k subs today! Posted by 4 hours ago. It looks like MG is making a go go nippon vtuber project. Comments are locked. View Comments. Posted by 16 hours ago. A study Session turns into a romantic Session would you like to run a Maid Cafe? Posted by 3 days ago. Nagoya really wanted to feed Kuu but was unlucky Would you like to run a Maid Cafe.

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New trailer for Ciel's route in tsukihime remake. Posted by 4 days ago. About Community. This is a community for discussing visual novels and anything related to them. Created Feb 4, Reading, Writing, and Literature. Filter by flair. More details here.

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Reddit visual novels

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