Remaid endings

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How do you unlock all endings in Erica? Much like Telltale games, Flavourworks' FMV title features multiple endings based on the choices you make, the characters you engage with, and the actions you take. There are six different endings to unlock in Erica, requiring you to fulfil different parameters throughout each playthrough. In this Erica guide, we're going to reveal how to unlock all endings. In this playthrough, you must save Tobi. All the actions and decisions you make up until this point do not matter if you're aiming to unlock the Not Alone ending.

After saving Tobi, you'll encounter Lucien. Upon being given your first dialogue choice, ignore them all and place your cursor over the gun. Select "Murder him" and Erica will kill Lucien, picking up his key and unlocking the back door in the process. Next, you'll be given the options of either "Burn Delphi House" or "Breathe it in".

The Not Alone Trophy will also unlock at the end of your playthrough. The Happy Family ending requires you to not kill anyone. Once you're at the end of the game remaid endings faced with Lucien, do not shoot him. Choose the following dialogue options instead as they appear:. Upon completion of this playthrough, you will unlock the Happy Family ending. The requirements of the Prisoner ending are actually very similar to the Happy Family conclusion, but this time around, you must kill at least one person who isn't Lucien. When given the chance, it is recommended that you kill the guard outside of Delphi House or Dr.

Ballard and Tobi. Once this is done and you're faced with Lucien at the end of the game, do not kill him. Make the following conversation choices instead:. Upon completion of this playthrough, you will unlock the Prisoner ending. This will also unlock the Prisoner Trophy. This is probably the easiest ending to get in the entire game as it requires very little of you. The only requirement of this ending is that you must kill Lucien. Once that is done, Erica grabs the diffuser and opens up the remaid endings door, select the "Breathe it in" option.

Next, when Erica picks up the Butterfly Mask, choose "Accept". Upon completion of this playthrough, you will unlock The Butterfly ending. This will also unlock The Butterfly Trophy. In order to unlock this ending, you have to kill Tobi.

When she is receiving treatment at the end of the game from Dr. Ballard, either kill Dr. Ballard or ask her to leave. Next, when Kirstie opens the medicine cooler, you must select either the Oleandrin or the Lidocaine. Doing so will kill Tobi. Next, when Erica encounters Lucien, murder him by selecting the gun and ignoring the dialogue options.

Upon completion of this playthrough, you will unlock the Into the Moonlight ending. This will also unlock the Into the Moonlight Trophy. This final ending does not come with its own concluding cutscene, but it is considered a different ending to the other five. Once Erica travels underground after meeting Mia Greene in the barn, she will come across Tobi receiving treatment from Dr. It doesn't matter whether you kill the doctor or notbut instead, Erica needs to kill Kirstie. When you get the medicine out of the cooler, choose either the Oleandrin or the Lidocaine.

Next, once you encounter Lucien, ignore the dialogue options and select "Murder Him" as your cursor hovers remaid endings the gun.

Then once Erica lights the diffuser, select "Breathe it in". Next, Erica will make it to the room with the Butterfly Mask in it. Select the "Reject" option. Upon completion of this playthrough, you will unlock the final ending but there is not a remaid endings cutscene or Trophy associated with it. Nowadays, he can be found playing the latest and greatest PS5 games as well as supporting Derby County. That last detail is his downfall. I just started this game but i was a bit underwhelmed. All i did was swipe on my phone for 10 minutes. DotM You might want to give it another try.

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Remaid endings

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