Seeds of chaos gallery unlock

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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First Prev 84 of Go to. Kalimat New Member. Apr 26, 6 Suave2 said:. Suave2 Active Member.

Nov 21, Kalimat said:. Zombiex3 New Member. Jun 23, 6 4. Jun 14, 14 7. Zombiex3 said:. Master Mirror Member. May 11, You must be registered to see the links. Jun 2, 6, 48, Updated OP with the 0. Reactions: mesoru and ponyguy.

FastBullet Active Member. May 30, 1, Alcesto Member. Jun 17, There used to be a cheat menu, where you could add money, is this thing still on? Jan 29, Alcesto said:. Pseudonymous Pervert Active Member. Aug 26, Pseudonymous Pervert said:. I honestly am starting to wonder if the MC is ever going to take over running things. I figured that would be the conclusion, possible as a Dark Lord of some sort, but so far it seems he hasn't had this option. Reactions: ianman12spitfireEarthling and 2 others.

TheSexinati Active Member. Sep 1, 1, GGF16 said:. Reactions: Emilee Teresta and mesoru. Ghost Rida Member. Mar 27, What do you mean only corruption content? What about the maid "spy" jobs for Jezera? What about Jak in the tavern? Ghost Rida said:.

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MC is running things. There's a reason for those repeated assassination attempts. He's Vader tho, not the Emperor. As for dreams of overthrowing the twins and running things himself, I would point to the NTR tag. I don't think Andras is going anywhere, anytime soon. Reactions: TheSexinatimesorurogosh and 2 others. Jul 27, Ya, the story isn't even a quarter done yet. Judging by what they've revealed in dev posts, overthrowing the twins won't happen until near the end.

There's a bunch of content that won't happen until later in the game. Amanda Carter Active Member.

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Jun 7, With 3 CGs a month, the game will not be finished for a long, long time. There are already a lot of missing CGs, i'm afraid that there will come a time when the story and programming is finished and there would still be about missing CG scenes. I know that the CGs cost money but i want to play the finished game in my lifetime.

This is crazy. Reactions: Papaco SchneiderEarthlingtomislazy and 6 others. Can you unlock the scene replay this way? I used your file you ed and it does not open the replay gallery so I am wondering if there is a different line of code you need to change. Stes Newbie.

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Feb 2, 54 I think I'm having a problem. The changelog of v0. I can get both items from Cla-Min and Jezera and gain Delane's trust, however, after getting through all of her dialogue options, visiting her for the fifth time and pressing "gain her trust" the game throws me out of Orciad and I can't go back.

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Talking with Tarish before fifth visit doesn't work either MC still tells her that he is not ready. Am I doing something wrong? Can someone explain to me in detail how to get Tarish ending, or is this route still unfinished? Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

Seeds of chaos gallery unlock

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