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Official Erolon: Dungeon Bound Twitter! our Discord Server! For several months we've been receiving reports from players about performance issues during dungeon gameplay. We were finally able to re-create the issue, a ed December Tweets 96 Following 28 Followers 3, Likes 1, Erolon Dungeon Bound 0. A brand new Mage scene, along with a big performance fix to dungeon gameplay for certain players!

Patch notes and download here patreon. Will you be Leru the Paladin's Valetine? We may have finally found the solution to those of you that have been having performance issues when playing in the dungeon sections of Erolon Dungeon Bound! We've got a brand new poll up for Patrons! Vote on which character will have a future scene in Erolon Dungeon Bound! A while back we made a special pin-up of "Anubis" Leru. Her outfit theme was the winner from a poll on our Patreon!

Our Patrons get to see posts showing the artwork progress of upcoming scenes for Erolon Dungeon Bound, such as this one for a Cleric scene! Check out the latest builds, posts, and updates on our Patreon!

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To ring in the new decade, we've released Erolon Dungeon Bound version 0. There's a new dungeon and new Cleric scene to enjoy! We've released a small update that addresses a couple bugs players identified, and we fixed several typos in various scenes! Erolon Dungeon Bound version 0. You'll be able to encounter Najet the Alchemist in this latest build!

We got a lot of great questions from patrons on our Patreon and discord! If our milestone is reached, we'll be adding brand new artwork to Erolon Dungeon Bound along with other awesome perks to patrons! New Stretch Goal Announcement!

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Amazing Veloris piece commissioned by one of our Erolon fans! The winner will be sketched by Avante92artblog!

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We received reports that some users were having issues loading their save game files with version 0. Now your save game files should load without issue!

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We resolved some bugs and glitches that were preventing certain players from enjoying the brand news scenes in 0. Thankfully, those issues should now be resolved with version 0. We were informed of a shop stock bug in the latest 0.

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You can download the hotfix version from the same links as 0. You'll be able to get special healing services from Cyleen, the Dark Elf! Visit the Patreon link for patch notes and download links!

Sex curse studio patreon

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