Sex therapy walkthrough

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Free-Strip-Games » Sex games » The sex therapist 9. Can't load the game? Try to disable your adblocker! The last episode of "Sex Therapist"! Natalia gave you her last challenge: experience a threesome with Abi and an escort-girl. But Abi is yet to be convinced this is a good idea Will you succeed in this last step of your therapy? And you? Not at all, I'm listening.

What's it about? Sorry but I'm too busy. I see Very well. I'm listening. Oh yes?

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What is it? I'm amazed. I can't believe it. Did she accept readily? Ah yes? Meaning what? What do you mean? Yes, I think I understand. But at what cost? What have you done, exactly? What does that mean? You seduced Abi? Well, I don't want know any more.

You showed your breasts to my wife? I think that I also have doubts. I was just trying to I will try to do that. Thank you, Natalia. Next - Go and see Leila - You're welcome. Yes, me too. But I don't want to do that. Well, now? I have something to ask you beforehand. Can I take the afternoon off? Next Thank you Oh yes!

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With pleasure! Nice to meet you, Adeline. Show me your pussy, you kinky little woman. Oh yes, why not. I look forward to it. You're exciting me.

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That stresses me out a little. Oh sure Yes, go on! Next Yes! Next Next Yes! Next Next No, masturbate a little more! Next Yes Next Yes, go on! Go on! Next No Next Next See you later! Of course Next I'll be with you in a moment No, both of you suck me!

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No, not straight away! Get on your back, Abi! Get on my dick, now! I'm going to cum! Next Next Yes, I did! Next I'm going to take a shower Next Yes? Where are you going? No, not at all! See you later! It's the least I can do. Abi is beaming in any case! They made love all night with Angeline! That looks like it upsets you. Having fun?! I heard them crying downstairs!

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Are you sure that everything is alright? Well, Natalia, you're in therapy. Make an effort, open up! Concentrate and develop, please. I advise you to free yourself from these negative thoughts. By transferring it to sexual pleasure. Very well I'll make you cum another way! You're going to do exactly what I tell you.

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I'm just going to show you with a finger what I want Click on her red skirt Next Click between her breasts Next Click on her breast, at your right Next Click on her breast, at your left Next Click on her red skirt Next Click on the lower right of the screen Next Click on her breast, in the foreground Next Click where should be her pussy Next Click on her mouth Next Click on a white object, with a string, above one of the book, at the right of the screen Next Cliquez sur sa chatte Next Click on her nipple, at your right Next Click on the lower right of the screen Next Click on her lower knee Next Click on her sex therapy walkthrough Next Click on her pussy Next Click at the right of the couch, at the right of the screen, more at the bottom Next Click on her left shoulder, slightly below Next Click on her pussy Next Click on her right hand Next Click on the dark object, at the left of the couch: it's a folder Next Click on her pussy Next Bye, Natalia, and thank you!

Thanks in advance. When we have bonus scene sex therapy walkthrough real sex with Natalia. I think everybody is waiting for that. Im amazed I cant believe it Did she accept Ah yes? What do you mean Yes, i think But at what No. What have What does that mean You seduced Abi? Well, i dont want You showed your breasts I think that i also Sorry I was I admit Oh Yes? Whatnow? I have something to Can i take the Yes Thank you No, Masturbate a Yes Yes, Go on Go on No Of course Yes. I'll be with Yes! You don't want to You're going home? Best Porn Games.

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If you do not meet these requirements, then you do not have permission to use the website. All models appearing on this website were 18 or older when images and videos were created. Enter Leave. Load Game. End your therapy and go say goodbye to Natalia for good in this last episode!

Sex therapy walkthrough

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