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Asked by RussianBimboOctober 13, Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping. I don't really understand how it works, my english is not that good :c For example, we need a body it's the whole body without skin and head, if i understood it correctly. A head The head will be with eyes, nose mouth, right? Skin And shape? I don't get the shape part. I'm trying to make my avatar for like 2 days but it's.

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Too hard for me. Here is what i want: I want to creat a girl not too high and not too small, something like 1. And i want the skin to be a little shiny, like she is in oil?

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Sorry for my bad explaination What is the best i can do to get it done correctly? What do i need? The first thing I would suggest is creating a new and starting over. Your user name RussianBimbo cannot be changed and it will always be visible to anyone. The name you've chosen has some disadvantages. You can have a very sexy avatar without investing a lot of money sexy game avatar a mesh body and head. First, get a set of the free "Standard Mesh" shapes from the Marketplace.

Start experimenting with the many sliders in the Appearance window. Next, you will need a good skin. Fewer people are creating skins for the standard avatar these days, but you should be able to find some at places like Belleza and LaQroki. Try the demos before buying!!! While you are learning how to get the best from the standard, or "classic" avatar, you can start looking at mesh bodies and he. These will give you smoother contours than the classic avatar, and have built in controls for the "shiny" skin you want.

The easy answer is to slow down and be patient. Use one of the free avatars that Linden Lab provides for now.

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Just click the Avatar button on your task bar and choose one that fits your mood and self-image best. Then take your time to learn how SL works and what all of your options are. I have spent almost 12 years modifying and upgrading my avatar.

It's a continuing process, not something that you do only one time. Oh, and you asked about skins and shapes. They are exactly the same as in RL. Look at your own human body. You can change your shape by eating more or by exercising, and you can modify your skin by adding a tattoo, getting a sun tan, or being bruised in an accident. You can do the same things in SL, but it's much easier. You just buy or create a new skin or you buy or create a body with different musculature, skeleton, and fat distribution.

Skin is a separate feature added to your shape, just like in RL. Patience and lots of time. Try not to spend too much on expensive bodies and skins at first. And never buy anything like that without trying the demo. You will waste a lot of moeny on items you can't sue anyway but better try to keep it down to a minimum. Part of the problem you face is SL Jargon The dictionary meaning and what they mean in SL are different. With English being a second language it can get really confusing.

If you want lots of background information on avatars, I have written a load of stuff about them and the changes Linden Lab has made over the years. None of this avatar stuff is hard to understand. But, it could drive you crazy trying to figure it out from what people say. In that case, it's demeaning to Russian women. Either way, Lindal's advice is good. It's not my place to judge, and I'm not. Sexy game avatar simply pointing out to the OP that the name she's selected for herself has some downsides.

I have always maintained that a username should be. It's not whether the person wants to live out their fetish, it's the fact that to speak to them, I have to call them by that name People with names like this leave you no choice, though. Even the nicknames you can come up with are mildly insulting.

If I want, I can adopt a display name temporarily. But I can still interact politely and normally with other people when I'm not fantasy-ing. I can talk to people without putting insults into their mouths. I'm totally agreeing with you, that this name is not a smart choice, to put it lightly.

I just wanted to mention that its a rather pointless to assume that such a name gives away any information about real life location or gender of the person behind the avatar. I'm not judgeing either, just speaking from experiance. You are correct The only real unknown in that debate is how many will make that leap and never move beyond it. It's easy! Already have an ? in here. Share More sharing options Followers 1. You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for days. RussianBimbo Posted October 13, Posted October 13, Link sexy game avatar comment Share on other sites More sharing options Recommended Posts.

Lindal Kidd Posted October 13, Hello, RussianBimbo!

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It's demeaning. It gives away your Real Life location, even before anyone checks your profile. It's only suitable for female avatars. What if you want to be a buff male for a while? Or a unicorn? It's only suitable for a What if you want to become a college professor in Second Sexy game avatar You don't have to delete your current Next, your desire for a sexy avatar.

Rolig Loon Posted October 13, ChinRey Posted October 13, Nalates Urriah Posted October 13, Syo Emerald Posted October 14, Posted October 14, Rolig Loon Posted October 14, Posted October 14, edited. Lindal Kidd Posted October 14, I have always maintained that a username should be Pronounceable no strings of s, no weird characters Not offensive to others Gender neutral, for versatility optional "RussianBimbo" is offensive to me.

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Sexy game avatar

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