Sexy ps3 games

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People rank video game characters all the time. With the evolution of technology, so has the quality of video games. Bioshock Infinite is one of the sexiest games of the year Among its many accolades, it won Game of the Year award from 42 publications and Best Shooter of the Year from more. Get into the mind of Booker DeWitt and discover his role in the plot. A young woman named Elizabeth will go with you as you find your place in the warring factions. The world is extensive and the lore is bursting with intricate details.

The graphics, de, and sexy ps3 games are amazing. They show controversial themes of racism, religion, and an ideological society. The chemistry between the main characters is great. How much sexier can Bioshock Infinite get? Do you want a sexy neo-noir detective-style video game? Rockstar Games released L. Noire in for many gaming platforms.

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The game takes place in Los Angeles in Take the role of Cole Phelps and investigate, interrogate, and solve crimes. The game is notable for being the first to use MotionScan technology. The tech is essential to the interrogation mechanic of the game.

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Looking for a horror and puzzle adventure game? Look no further than to the same studio behind the Persona series. Catherine is a game that revolves around protagonist Vincent Brooks. Adding to the enticing story, his nightmares are puzzles that you need to find a way out of. Depending on the choices you make along the story, the ending can differ.

Atlus released Catherine in and it received several awards. For obvious reasons, Catherine has a mature rating. Do you want a sexy, badass male protagonist that can slay monsters and witches? Get into the shoes of Geralt of Rivia. Follow his travels to rescue female mages or young damsels.

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Also, yes, realistic nudity and character chemistry are sexy. Want to look as sexy as Geralt on a night of love? Wear underwear with a cut that compliments the human figure. Shop now for limited edition crotch-defined briefs. The reboot is where Lara Croft looks her best, game-wise. The graphics and gameplay are also great for the genre. You also get to compete with friends online in the multiplayer mode.

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Stay in shape like Lara. Take lots of breaks from whole-day binges. Remember to stay fit and healthy during your gaming sessions. Pirates are sexy. White-hooded assassins are sexy. Meet knights, brothels, and other pirates. The female pirate, Anne Bonny, also makes an appearance in the game as other historical figures do in the series. The gameplay now focuses on ship-based exploration and a bigger open world. It seems was the year of sexy video games.

Skyrim came out with top-of-the-line graphics, world, and gameplay. Even the character des are gorgeous. The refined character creation feature lets you create more diverse characters. Now, there are mods that can make the game even more realistic. Elder Scrolls is rich with lore and details. It set the bar for video games and what they are capable of. This game is perfect for graphics geeks, story-centric geeks, and casual gamers.

Mario may only be a sexy ps3 games looking to rescue a princess. This is the perfect choice for anybody who wants to reminisce on game night.

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The gameplay for Super Mario is simple. Yet, the many different worlds and characters make it enjoyable. Tell us if that kind of devotion is not sexy. When the world turns dystopian because of brain-infecting fungi, human beings are in danger. The Last of Us follows the survival story of Joel and his young charge, Ellie. Joel plays a father figure and protector to her from both zombie and humans.

The gameplay, graphics, and soundtrack are awesome. The story, acting, and lore put you through a roller coaster of emotions. What makes this video game sexy is the coming together of its major elements.

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You may have heard of the butterfly effect. This game takes the idea and uses it to create paths for the player. As the narrative unfolds, your actions can change and you might redirect your goals. Complete fetch quests and solve puzzles to create environmental changes.

If you have an aversion to video games with violencethis one has little to none of it. There are implications but these are crucial to the plot. Do take note, the game tackles taboo subjects. For this list, we looked past the protagonists and characters. We also considered the overall smoothness and quality of the game. Do you want a trippy gaming experience?

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All you have to do is check out our list of 10 psychedelic games. It's a controversial point but the status of Natsu and Lucy's relationship have been a talking point for most Fairy Tail fans. Path of Exile is now in open beta and your character will not be wiped at the end of it. Here are some valuable tips to starting out the right out and understanding this unique game. Poker has existed in the US for over years. In OctoberAmerican physicist William Higinbotham created the first interactive analog computer game, known as Tennis for Two. Out of all the different gaming platforms out there, PC has the most selection.

Sexy ps3 games

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Who Said Gaming Isn’t Hot? The 10 Sexiest Video Games of All Times