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The Sissy Girlfriend Experiment is an erotic game with erotic text and images. The game is still in EA, some features may change. Patreons have early access one month earlier than the free version. They'll pick the next updates. This game will always be free, but if you can, please support me. Your support will allow me to create more content and updates.

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About updates: Free updates usually will happen during the 2nd and 4th week of the month. You will start with a male character living with his sister or stepsister, during a special night you met an older woman who becomes your girlfriend. Slowly, she shows her real self, but when you find out what she's up to, it may be too late. Play on your own pace following your desires. Choices matter.

Sister good or evil or Stepsister: You leave with her, and according to your choices, she can become friends or not. You have to pay for your stay by doing tasks twice a week and maybe have some fun on Friday night. Girlfriend: She's crazy. I won't spoil the fun, but after playing for a while, you will understand her true intentions.

Friend male or female : Your friend will give you advice and maybe take you out. Could this turn into something more? Others: You'll meet new characters and places as you play the story. Some will help you, others will use you. Feel free to write your walkthrough and share it. I don't intend to do it. I've been creating this game to make it possible to play it any way you want it, following your desires and choices. Changes: Stripper - Easy way to make money on weekends if you do it right.

Changes: Pornstar - A new studio is about to open at the Mall, get ready for it. Changes: Hairstylist - Opportunities will be available according to your skills. Sissy girlfriend experiment Personal Trainer - Opportunities will be available according to your skills. Changes: Web de - Opportunities will be available according to your skills. New Skill: Humiliation - Humiliation: Increasing it will allow the player to do things that the character wouldn't consider doing before, such as sex-related jobs. You'll be able to increase your humiliation with regular jobs, such as Web deer, Personal Trainer, Hairstylist, Housekeeper and failing during sex-jobs.

Changes: Gameplay - Shower and sleep removes makeup. Bugs: - Fixed: Options while talking to Trans friend about chest or butt. Changes: - Removed old useless codes for background. Either gather evidence or use your skills to reach it. Changes: - Fixed: Photographer DB task won't take you to the gym. She will complain if the MC changes too much. If you choose to end the relationship you'll be introduced to those options. The option for Trans BF will allow you to interact with her while playing those other parts. The main reason to change it was to make more variety available and allow different styles of playing with each option for the BF.

Fixed: - Grammar and typos. Thank you for reporting. Bugs: - Fixed: Added warning if you missed anything for the first three weeks of training with the GF before meeting her. Be careful not to mess up! Of course, you'll be working for her. Changes: - Option to arrest the dealer will show after 30 days. Fixed: - Bug which wouldn't allow to conclude the dealer's story. Bugs: - Fixed: Event with the stepsister while unlocked. It can't be fixed now without losing your savegame and I know how it sucks. I've placed a warning when you see this bug. It will be fixed on 0.

Can you handle her training and become the perfect student? New Skills: - Pussy Eater: You can train sissy girlfriend experiment while watching porn until UI: - New skills and jobs added to the left bar. From Bodybuilder contest to Tiffany's mansion. Fixed: - A passage at Tiffany's without any possibility of answer. Sissy girlfriend experiment, let me know if you find more. Is your fate in their hands? Or are theirs in yours?

It goes from the first weekend with Hank to Gf's birthday party. Balance: - Across the story, a few conditions changed. Bugs: - Fixed: A bug where the red medium buttplug wouldn't show in your inventory. New Room UI: - Buy, change, and win objects to customize your bedroom. New Computer UI: - You'll be able to see most of the items you buy in the game in there: Mobile, dildos, toys, rewards, and decoration items that you can win along with the story.

It allows a cleaner UI and easy to find what do you have to do while leaving the main screen for messages, social, and actions. New Bathroom UI: - Looks cleaner than before and shows items you acquire during the gameplay. This new feature will allow you to make new choices and give the story more variety. Bugs: - Fixed: A few typos along the story - Fixed: A bug which allowed the player to complete the sister's story in one Friday. Layla's student.

Each one shows at a different time.

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Develop a friendship, learn their secrets, have fun with them, betray your friend, or get used by them It's your choice. This could lead to something more than friendship, or maybe betrayal. Maybe there's something you share in common which could start a conversation and a friendship. Can you learn her secrets? She ignores your presence and doesn't seem to be a nice person. Maybe you can meet her somewhere? All character's paths are linked with different. It's up to you how you'll deal with them. Your skill will increase, but it comes with a price.

Changes at the gym: - Workout: increases horny by 1 even if you're mindless horny or by 2 if you have more than 40 points on Personal Trainer. Femboy is the only stats which will allow you to keep using both bathrooms.

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Changes while studying: - Horny: Your skill will increase, but if you study while under "mindless" effect, you'll spend 2 hours instead of 1. Fixed: - A few typos along the story. This can lead to a conversation that can lead to new options.

Removed: - Instant Dick: This item was removed from the game for now. It will be changed to something useful in the future. Bugs: - Fixed: When you come back with the GF the story will play properly. Not both. The blackmailer continues to threaten her, and you have her fate in your hands.

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Wild Snu Snu different payment: - Added: 05 images for the gloryhole 01 for the punishment. Layla at Sissy School. If you have good grades you'll be able to choose between GF, Mrs. Layla, or go free. Layla as your Pimp.

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Fixed: - Grammar and suggestions. Fixed - Dom Online: Changed names to tasks. Note: Her tasks will ask for certain skills that you won't have during the early game. You should wait until your character is more developed to try her quests. Fixed: - Cheat for reseting DB days wasn't showing when cheating was enable. Why is it listed on level 4? UI: - Background image for avatar has changed. Check your inventory. Is it going to be wonderful or terrible? Your choice. Someone decided it was fun to take a few photos and blackmail her. She asks for your help to find out who's behind it.

New options are available if you're playing with the stepsister. Images for both Master and Mistress are now available. Fixed: - A bug related to a dare board reward. Play the way you want to. Fixed: - Fixed an issue during the training week with the GF. New item request : - Light Blue Heels added to the Mall casual. Fixed: - Fixed an issue which you wouldn't get paid after a promotion working at the Gym. You never met her until you were sent to live with her when your mother married her father.

You're not blood related or grew together. She's a stranger which you're about to know. You sissy girlfriend experiment to know to thinks about her: She drinks sissy girlfriend experiment lot and loves parties, the rest is up to you. They will show randomly after developing your body. Bugs fixes: - Gloryhole was moved back to the Sexshop, somehow it was available at the Femme Desire. You need to have both small to return. UI too. Names changed making it easier to find it in your closet. Kissing contest updated: - 17 new images. You won't get punished greatly for ing this contest anymore.

Creating sissy videos: - UI updated. Gifs added. Weekends during GF's training. You should talk to them if you want to avoid an early ending. Fixed: - Sissy requirement removed from Dildobaggins DB task.

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New images New Place: The Closet.

Sissy girlfriend experiment

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