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I'm Downloading atm. Its still slow and unhealthy no seeders of course Since it's new. I'll seed for a while to get it off the ground once it finishes. I have the torrent throttled to 60kbps to allow me to other files and use the internet ok.

Okay, I suspect it will at some point then. Getting nothing coming down atm but I likely hit slavemaker 3.4 wall of where it is. I'll leave it running for now. I'm excited to try the new version, maybe try for pfil though I have never once managed to get the fairy events to occur. Is it in the config maybe? I edited the config a bit for other probabilities and such on occasion. Maybe my connection is hung, but I am not home to check, I will when I get there. The fairy events are when walking at the farm, no configuration affects it, but bugs in 3.

I downloaded the new torrent for 3. But i think they still work, so that is wonderful. Thanks a lot for the update! Had slavemaker 3.4 seeding the old one for 83 days and 1 hour. Wonder how much I'll be able to seed this one :. You made us very happy today ;-!!! Thanks a lot. I hope the piority for the next mounth will be in make the Story about the demons and angles bigger and more complex. Or other Thx for all your work! Thanks a bunch, it might be a good idea to update the latest game release link on the right of the blog.

It still points to 3. The slave then becomes inactive as minor slave and becomes available as a trainable major slave after completing the current major slave.

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What would happen to the time limit on the major slave when you try to train a minor slave? I'm getting new and major bugs - loaded my current slave saph after torrent update : a the items in the two leftmost collumns in equipment lost text. There is a bug upgrading some save game.

You can fix this by a exit the game b find the save game with problems and copy to another folder c start a new game and save it into the same slot ie if it slavemaker 3.4 save 1 save then new game as save 1 d exit the game c copy the save back from a EXCEPT for the file smXcities. All people and places will have reset back to the start of game, but they will be functional, so you will have to re-rescue Lady Farun etc. The people problem is fixed this way. The equipment items problem is still there : no text in two lefdtmost columns.

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This appears when loading a savegame. Text is back when new slave starts training but after save and load it's gone again. Chose the fully train option for a minor for the first time : adding a generic wardrobe might be a good idea havin a courtly dress would be nice. I agree with the above statement about generic wardrobe. And with the plot development. I'm liking this release a lot. I'd recommend introducing the mentioned but inactive house upgrades as well. I don't know if this is where you mention them, but I have two bugs Slavemaker 3.4 found thus far: Samus's Cosplay ending fails as the cosplay contest never appears, perhaps extra contests are broken?

The names of items in the equipment often do not display on the tiles slaves tested with: Samus, Kasumi, Shampoo. Since I started with pony trainer 1 but NOT pony expert, this might be a flag bug, or it could be bad luck. Thanks for the update! Torrent-version 6,03Gb in size contains any packs? Or I should download them and unrar in folder with torrent-version? As I noted the torrent contains the entire game.

You do not need any packs if you download using the torrent. Is there anyway to get a torrent file of the full game that doesn't create a folder? I can't get it to work using my torrent downloader. I just want a standard torrent file that just downlo the game. I would suggest using a better torrent client, I use Vuze and it has not issues for this.

The game is multiple files and folders in the torrent it is not a single archive, so a torrent without the folder would create the game in the default download location for slavemaker 3.4 torrent client. Plus I would have to seed and that entire new torrent. No, but what dofference would that make, it will have the same effect of downloading the torrent file and create the folder. How do I get a puppygirl ending?

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Puppy training is at perfect puppy but I don't get a special ending. Is it like with catgirls and I need to go to a party or something to get the ending? You just need an event inm the morning where she says 'I am a puppy girl'. It's been said a few times already, but thank you for all your hard work! Now that the current version seems to at least have been stabilized. What are your plans going forward? What about house exploration and improvement? The game does this mostly there are just some minor parts left to be coded.

Found a bug with minor slave training. The visitable people don't reset when you start the training. In my case, I trained Shampoo to be a courtesan, completed her training, and then went on training Maid Tiara. When I visited Lady Okyanu with her, she was still talking about the next party she invited her to, as if I was still training Shampoo.

Samewise, the Lord slavemaker 3.4 Maid Sumi wouldn't talk to me because I already saw them.

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Also, the problem stayed even after I finished training Maid Sumi and started over with a new slave, meaning I'll have to scrap this save if I want to train a courtesan or visit the Lord ever again. I suspect this is related to the people slavemaker 3.4 problem discussed in a comment above. Could you atually visit any of the people like Miss N? If you do the fix discussed it will correct the save game, but this should only be needed for a save game from version 3.

I did not upgrade my installation: I downloaded the whole game via torrent. Also, I wasn't using an old save: this was a new game. I tried again, and I was wrong on one : the problem isn't linked to minor slave training and happens even when going from one normal slave to the next. Made a new slaver, trained Ran to be a courtesan, and then started training Shampoo.

Same as before, when meeting Lady Okyanu for the first time with Shampoo, she talked about the next function. Also, the Lord won't see her and gives the "I thank you for your presence but you should talk to someone else" answer. As for Miss N, same as Lady Okyanu: she immediately talks about a party rather than ask me to visit her with my slave naked. So far no one else has reported this. I did have similar reports during development but they were bugs that I fixed and did not get re-reported afterwards. If you know how to find your save game can you please locate it and to a filehost of your choice so I can slavemaker 3.4 it.

I wasn't quite sure what you needed, so I just put every. I also have this problem. And there are some more: Slaves have another bug.

Slavemaker 3.4

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