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Looking for the best way to fight boredom and jack off in the process? Try the smutstone review online sex game, Smut Stone! Developed by Hooligappsthe online card game allows you to follow. You play as smutstone review man who visits a strip club with some friends. While going to sleep with one of the dancers, you see them being pulled into a portal.

You are then introduced to the gameplay in a small battle with Guidy…who becomes your guide in the game. Ok not the most creative name, but the story is pretty minimal. You are on a quest to find an enchantress who opened the portal and has now cursed you.

Along the way you meet, battle, and fuck typically in that order a wide range of women. The story is told through a comic strip that is easy to follow, plus you can go back through it again without the battles. Really all the fun is in the game play. Each level that you visit is referred to as a city, and you can find specific rewards that you keep in your inventory. You have a deck of cards of different women in your possession to use in these battles. They have a set level, each level correlating with health points on the top right and attack points on the top left.

As you gain various items and cards of the same type you can do two things: level your bitches up or seduce them. To level them up, you have to collect a certain about of gold and have all the required items.

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Some items are harder to find, and high levels require more gold. Seducing the girls also increases their health and health. When you seduce a girl her total devotion to you goes up as well. This is definitely what you want to aim for when managing your deck.

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You have seven spots for cards of five card types fire, earth, water, light, dark. You can create three unique decks to handle different situations. When you actually battle all, you hit is a button that says fight. Each side you and the enemy has three cards in play. The cards go down the line and smutstone review each other, taking away health points. First card to go below one will be eliminated. When the opposing card is gone, the remaining cards then attack the opposite fighter, bringing their health bar to zero.

When you win the initial battle, you get prizes based on how well you one. The better you do, the more you get. You can go back to past levels and play again to get items to level up cards and to redo battles as you get more powerful. The duels are between other players of the game. You click on the duel tab at the bottom of your scroll and you are randomly placed in a match.

Your whole deck whichever of the three that you choose is going against their deck. You then battle. Lost cards are replaced by others in the deck. When the deck runs out, it becomes a normal battle. The game play really boils down to strategy. Advancing certain cards to create the most powerful deck that you can in order to win. If you can do that, then the game is definitely worth a play. The graphics for this game varies between two distinct styles. During the comic strip cut scenes, there is more of a cartoony feel to them, giving you that hentai amazingness that we all love.

The second style comes into play with the cards themselves. They are more detailed, and each group has a distinct feel to them. You will get more and more graphic photos the more you seduce your girls. The sex images themselves are very good and leave little to your imagination.

You get the sense of what these characters are really like in the worlds that smutstone review find them. Plus, the more that you seduce them and level them up, the more of their bodies that you get to see. The graphics on the worlds are interesting as well. The maps line up with the area that you are progressing through and you are more likely to face certain foes in those areas. While the base game itself is free, you can use real money to buy gems.

The gems allow you to play the game much faster and get better upgrades. Gems can be used to buy energy, or you can wait five minutes for your energy to naturally be increases by 1. This is not bad if smutstone review can only play for a few minutes every couple of hours as you are guaranteed to fill your energy.

The store to buy your gems usually has some sort of a sale going on that will knock the price down a bit.

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You also have the option of buying a starter pack: These packs will give you a set amount of gold, gems, and some high-level cards. In the game, you will be gifted a bronze box every 8 hours for playing and can buy a silver box for 20, gold or a gold box for gems.

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Each box has a different of items available and the rarity of those items also varies box to boxes. You also get items for dueling other players and participating in tournaments. The music can only be described as epic! It reminds me of the theme song to several medieval based shows, with the blend of string and wind instruments. Again, minimal voice acting grunts, moans, gasps and most of what you hear is in the battle.

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Overall the music and voice acting is awesome! It keeps the focus on where it really should be — on the game. The hentai is shown mostly through the comic strip cut scenes that are shown smutstone review us throughout the whole game. Various enemies will offer themselves as compensation if you defeat them in the battle. Some will be given to you if you defeat them in battle, some are just whore at a brothel for you to fuck.

As you go farther and farther into the game, the more that you get to play. From the easy to follow story line, minimal effort on your part to earn rewards, the beautiful graphics, and overall just gorgeous music, Smut Stone has it all! Lots of fun for everyone!

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It gets a big thumbs up from this player and from many many more. Time to battle and get my reward! Sexy GamesUncategorized. Spread the love. What Americans say about the negative effects of blogs on family life? Four recommendations about following celebrity lifestyle blog in Instagram. Search for:.

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