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CNN -- When makers of one of the most anticipated video games of the year invited users to help de part of the game, the gamers jumped at the chance to create animated characters. Users will have the option to incorporate other people's "Spore" des or choose to block them all. But some took it upon themselves to create something entirely different: a new kind of Internet porn. It started when the makers of "Spore" released a Creature Creator program that allowed users to develop their own characters to drum up hype before the game's scheduled release in September.

The game, a t venture from "Sims" creator Will Wright and Electronic Arts, allows users to create a unique creature and then control its evolution from a single cell into a complex cultural civilization. Within 24 hours of the Creature Creator's release, gamers had gone creature-crazy, sporn game millions of critters that were all thrown into a database and shown on a YouTube channel for the public to see. But scrolling through the database -- past the three-legged sea horse, past the seven-eyed wildebeest and the half-motorcycle-half-pig -- revealed something many users didn't expect.

Buried among the more wholesome attempts were two-legged dancing testicles, a "giant breast monster" and a four-legged "phallic fornication machine," for starters. Watch Brhaw demonstrate the "Creature Creator" and "Spore" ». These naughty -- some would say obscene -- creations have spawned an Internet meme nicknamed "Sporn," short sporn game "Spore" porn.

These games and sites often allow people to create and host their own content in addition to creating cartoon personas, called avatars, for themselves. Many of the popular user-generated content sites have faced similar challenges in trying to control obscene material. In Second Life, users can read Slustler, a cyberporn magazine, or buy programs that allow them to have animated sex with other characters. Despite its "Sporn" issues, "Spore" is poised to become one of the most popular games because of its ability to let people tell their own story, rather than one mapped out for them, Brhaw said.

Enter the Sporn game, a year-old Web developer who refused to give his name for this interview. He, like many others, has spent hours creating characters and turning them into sexual beings. The creatures are not just static. Users can create animated scenarios for the characters to engage in, some of which include sexually graphic acts. Players who repeatedly "offensive content" are warned, suspended and eventually banned, Brhaw said. But the policing isn't restricted to EA and YouTube. Users also are able to flag and report content that they find offensive.

That angered some content creators, who feel that they should be able to create whatever they want.

If people find it offensive, they can simply not search for it online. No one is forcing anyone to see this content. In response, he created a site to preserve as many of his naughty creations as possible.

He said many other creators of Sporn have told him that they too were only joking around. But the Web developer and other Sporn creators have had their share of critics. On blogs and message boards, some have called these creators perverts.

James said he has flagged about 10 of the "disgusting" creations. EA plans to make sure nobody sees the content if they don't want to, Brhaw said. When playing "Spore," users will be given three choices regarding people's creations: to receive no outside content, to receive content from buddies only or to receive all external content.

Brhaw hopes the sexual characters don't spoil "Spore" for everyone or get in the way of what she says is a revolutionary game. Miles Moffit, a gamer attending the University of Georgia who has created tons of "clean" characters on his own, is glad to know EA will be regulating what makes it into the game. Moffit is eagerly awaiting the game's September 7 release. And if sporn game chance a Sporn character shows up in his virtual "Spore" world, he has a plan. See how long it lasts in the databases and galaxies of 'Spore.

All About Electronic Arts Inc. Share this on:. Story Highlights Creature Creator allows gamers to de characters for new "Spore" game Some users have created sexual creatures, now known as "Sporn" "Spore" maker EA is banning those who continue to offensive creations One Sporn creator: "I don't think there's anything perverted, vile or awful about it" Next Article in Technology ».

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Sporn game

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Video game's user content spawns naughty Web 'Sporn'