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No one? Summary : In the modern world, alphas are almost unheard of so why even bother learning about them? After all, as a spoiled but reasonably kind-hearted omega who is used to getting whatever she wants, you have better things to do. However, when unexpected circumstances throw you in the path of extremely nerdy and probably? Bringing that infuriating geek to his knees quickly becomes your personal mission in life… But it turns out that Kim Seokjin is not what he appears to be and the mean omega who eats beta boys for breakfast is about to get way more than she bargained for….

I love you all.

ALSO thank you to each and every one of you who encouraged me to post this story. This fic is dedicated to all of you as a token of my love and appreciation. Your support keeps me writing. Never doubt that for a second. You heaved a weary sigh and rolled your shoulders—stretching the buttons of your high-end Oxford shirt to their limit.

The beta sophomore to your right whined audibly and you smirked. Your back arched slightly as you crossed your legs, letting the absurdly short hem of your skirt ride up even higher. The poor boy you were tormenting shifted miserably in his seat. You knew exactly how you affected boys like him.

You were a shameless tease who relished their attention and the power it brought you. Who needed drugs when driving a man mad with desire was a rush more potent than any high? That poor sophomore looked like he had finally worked up the courage to speak to you, but you were already out the door and tearing down the hall toward your beautiful and entirely platonic counterpart, Kim Taehyung. The corner of your mouth quirked up at his characteristic dry humor, but the irritation at being held in that sweltering lecture hall for an extra ten minutes had frayed your temper.

Why bother learning what they can do? Keep reading.

The beauty of New Zealand simonroppel. Can confirm that xjoonchildx is every bit as fantastic and gorgeous and amazing as she seems. Source: honeystae-movedvia kithtaehyung. I have never had a demanding anon. They leave me lots of beautiful feedback that keeps me writing. They share my work. I am beyond lucky to have each and every one of them. I am sorry that there is anyone out there who cannot say the same. Originally posted by toloveyanderebts. I'd ask more thoughtful questions, but I'm not too good at that lol Lol no worries!

My husband and I just decided after all of that stress and family drama we endured the last couple of weeks that we needed a vacation. Still writing. Just needed time away from everything so I took it. I will be back soon. I promise. I am close to finishing my latest story and also another update of The Alpha! Life just takes it out of you sometimes… but messages like this keep me smiling and keep me writing.

Thank you for checking up on me lovely! I will be all over your dash again soon enough. Originally posted by smileyoongle. Secret Santa gift for azuriota00!!! Teaser Word Count: 3. May 18, Jul 22, Jul 21, Jul 20, Jul 19, Anonymous asked: miss viola i hope no one has bugged you about the seokjin alpha fic and demanded for it. Jul 18, Jul 17, Jul 16,

Tales of the alpha tumblr

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