Teen titans go slumber party

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When the other Titans find out about Cyborg 's fear of the dark, they have a slumber party to help him face his "childish" fears. It starts with Cyborg singing the song The Night Begins to Shine before bedtime, and when he shuts down the lights and turns the night light back on before the power went out, leading him to get terrified of the dark.

As he attempts to find a light switch around in his room while screaming out loud, the Titans show up to see what's going on, but Cyborg blasted them, thinking it was an eight-eyed monster until Robin lit the lantern to reveal themselves. Robin would prefer to check on the power grid the next morning. But Cyborg demands it right there and then, demonstrating that he's afraid of the dark while he claims he isn't scared of it but only what hides in it, which was Scary Teri, a young childhood game called Scary Teri.

According to his flashback, after the slumber party, he went to the location where Cyborg was supposed to stand in front of a mirror and repeatedly say "Scary Teri," causing him to scream in terror. The Titans don't believe the embarrassing story and decide to do another slumber party to unjustify his fear of the dark for the whole night.

They brought their sleeping bags with a lantern on in the living room and starting a pillow fight while Robin is busy constructing a blanket fort. Later on, when Starfire suggested a game of truth or dare as another attempt to solve Cyborg's fear of the dark, Robin hears it and wants to play with her by making her dare to kiss him or date him, but Starfire was about to pick the truth. Then, when Robin asked Starfire if she could do that stuff, she said no.

As Robin returns to his fort crying for his failure, the other Titans are listening to him, then suddenly Cyborg thinks of a good dare. The Titans are sneaking up towards Wayne Manor and covering up the front fountain of a mermaid with toilet paper rolls, making it a Batgirl fountain, ringing the doorbell, and hiding in the bushes.

Batman and Commissioner Gordon opens and sees the covered fountain and start to laugh about it. Back at the Tower, just teen titans go slumber party the Titans thought they got rid of Cyborg's fear of dark due to their successful slumber party, Cyborg started to scream and shoots with lasers again after Robin turned on the lantern.

They had no choice but to force Cyborg to play the Scary Teri game as they pushed him into the bathroom. Cyborg, with his candle, plays the game and doesn't seem to be harmed for now. But suddenly, he gets busted out of the bathroom by Scary Teri herself. The Titans get shocked by her appearance and start to run for it after she scared them, and while Robin is wondering how they're going to defeat her, Cyborg's solution is by using a mirror. While Robin claims that he has some mirrors in his room, Cyborg's mechanical eye is reaching towards Robin's room and sees Scary Teri blocking the entrance room, leaving no choice for the Titans to go into Robin's blanket fortress.

They make a tour around the fort as they are amazed by its size and amount of blankets with pillows used until Scary Teri shows up too and starts chasing the Titans.

They got eaten one by one by Teri until Cyborg is the only one left to face her with a mirror by playing the game again. He chants: "Scary Teri isn't scary. The other Titans are also free out the blanket fort while Cyborg enjoys his victory, and the lights are back on. As they celebrate the end of their slumber party, Cyborg breaks the mirror, and the power went out again, making him scream and shoot with lasers again.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Batman and Gordon were still laughing at the covered statue, and the episode ends.

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Teen titans go slumber party

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Slumber Party