Teras castle

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Hey everyone!

After 2 weeks and 20 hours of gameplay I have finally completed my first castle build! Below is a cinematic of the build. Directions to the world download are in the description of the video.

Please leave tips for future builds in the comments as I am still very new to this. Thank you! Excellent build! Although, yes, it is a bit squarish, the immense scale is extremely impressive! I would reccomend mixing some spruce wood and clays into it, clays can make a very solid roof!

Google: Minecraft colored clay roof. Hey Teras, if you're interested in learning everything I know about building, plus getting a non-profit building job, PM me! Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Quote from FragonNation ». Google: Minecraft colored clay roof Looking forward to the next one!

Paxit- A world building RP of epic proportions! Leave your mark on the world! To build, is to live. To grief, is to be banned. Have you thought about doing the interior of the castle? Quote from GodlyElm22 ». Looks really good man. Quote from AmazingTeras ». Quote from SniperFoxDelta ». Last edited by AmazingTeras : Oct 24, Nevertheless, keep up the good work man!

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Teras castle

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