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Dear readers, it has taken me several years to write this post. This post will break it down. A select population of clients in the sex industry are punters also known as Hobbyistsmen who review escorts on public escort forum boards. They are the unpleasant type of clients as they degrade sex workers into very shallow criteria and ratings on scales. Essentially, punters see sex as something that can be standardized — that a sex worker has a menu that is static and can be applied to all clients. Sex should not be seen as a service. Sex cannot be the exotic review escorts with a fixed menu that can be repeated uniformly with different bodies.

Disclaimer — this post is NOT about all clients. Clients are as diverse as any population and there are many lovely men who are patrons of escorts. Not all clients are punters. This is also not talking about those who may only browse review boards. Anyone can create a username and write whatever they want about you on an online escort forum. Pissed off another escort, pimp or madame? Have an escort who is jealous of you? Did you stand up for yourself to an abusive, creepy client? A few months back, someone sent me a very harsh and harassing to my escorting.

They told me I was a scammer and I was a fraud. They claimed they saw me many years back. I was trying to think of whom I met and had a bad experience with? I could only think of a few instances where I met a client who was unreasonable and ghastly. I have never received such a mean before. I wondered if this person was actually someone I had met, or was it someone who has a vendetta against escorts and just wants to spam them with hate? I remembered there was one man who had the same name as the. This was perhaps eight years ago. This client was the first client who spoke to me degradingly during sex.

For me, I was used to clients treating me like a Queen.

But despite that, I went along with his degradative role-play. Prior to sex, he brought his own condoms and set them aside beside the condoms I have. After the sex finished, he looked at the condom wrapper and noticed we had used my condoms instead of the ones he brought.

He then completely shifted his mood from happy to sour. But instead, he turned sour and annoyed, and became pissed at me.

I kept apologizing despite he was being unreasonable. I was shocked that this man could behave so awful and childishly over such a trivial issue and a clear mistake. While he was dressing, I was angry at myself for apologizing to him and continuing to be kind despite he turned into a disrespectful jerk for lack of better words.

Looking back, I wish I would have yelled right back at him and set him straight. But I was also scared, as most escorts are. Sex workers are extremely vulnerable in such instances. We have no protection, and furthermore where is our protection on escort review forums? Escorts are constantly dehumanized — yet no one is batting an eye. And furthermore, he is a complete coward to now me more recently with harassing words and speak about me on an escort review board. I do not accept reviews but somehow last month my name was mentioned on an escort review board. If you ever come across an escort review, ask yourself next time: what is this review telling me about the author?

A lesson on academic level critical thinking teaches one to not take writings as face value. With regards to the jilted punter who contacted me recently, he is trying to soothe his wounded ego by speaking negative things about me, the escort. I feel thankful that I am able to not take his mean comments personally —being educated about anti-social personality disorders and the politics of storytelling taught me why hateful people behave this way.

Projecting his self hate by putting me down. What can be said about a person who dehumanizes women on online forums? What does it say about his character by attempting the exotic review escorts shame me for my age and appearance?

It tells me that he is a hateful, shallow and vile person. In real life, he might be a loner, so logging online to escort review boards connects him with men like himself and gives a sense of community. His own personality prevents him from establishing genuine intimacy with a woman, so he is always on the prowl for new escorts since he cannot connect with women on an intimate, emotional level.

As a rule, decent men do not kiss and tell. No way. The best sexual experiences intimacy are NOT being shared on escort review forums. A man who genuinely respects women will not be an active on escort forums.

How I am with one client differs from another client. Many years back when I worked in a high-end brothel overseas, I discovered someone had written a review about me. But it was incredibly false and exaggerated. He went into details— saying my …. He claimed he made me orgasm 3 times. His writing skills were very good and exceptional — it was written in the tone of an epic tale. But it was false.

So thus, even good reviews are highly biased, debatable and political. They can be faked also. Furthermore, one can get a good review from a punter, then a bad review by the same punter if they felt slighted at the least. Once again, the reader is not hearing anything from the escorts side, nor do they know anything about the Hobbyist in terms of their behavior and hygiene. I was a teenager when I discovered escort review forums.

I was fresh to the sex industry. For the most part, the clients I met, thankfully, were lovely and treated me exceptionally well. But when I saw escorts forums, I realized there was another breed of clients that were vile and shallow. When I discovered escort forums at a very young age, I actually got depressed from reading them.

I was shocked how some men were extremely cruel, perverted, mean and shallow when it came to women. Ironically, the few 3 or 4 reviews had in those days were all good. But they still made me uncomfortable, and as mentioned in this post, they were misleading and exaggerated.

I did not want to participate in a forum that was viewing women in such shallow ways, nor did I want to see clients whom were active contributors to escorts forums. I decided to stay out of escort forums by not allowing reviews early on. I marketed myself in a way to attract a particular type of client who was seeking a more wholesome experience — and through the process of screening, an escort can hopefully weed out the unpleasant from the decent though, not always, unfortunately.

I hope most escorts can also boycott escort forums, but sadly these days many escorts are bullied into the review culture. How should an escort process the escort review boards and punters? Remember that not all clients are punters. If possible, try not to market yourself to them I know this not easy for many escorts.

Remember that how a person treats others is their character — what that means is if someone treats you a certain way or says cruel things to put you down, it has everything to do with THEM and the exotic review escorts with you. Some people are filled with so much self-hate that they project it onto others — projection is well documented in psychology. They will also gaslight you into thinking YOU are a fault. Try your best to not take it personally.

This is a common tactic of oppressors and abusers. Unfortunately there are cases where an escort duo another escort or her pimp will rob a client. In any instances where there is danger, it is important that warnings are made about dangerous situations. This works for both escorts and clients — both need to warn others about dangerous situations. My point of this post is stop the normalization of escort review forums.

The exotic review escorts

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