The freshman game of love walkthrough

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This game revolves around the choices you make, they can improve or decrease relationships with the characters. This walkthrough is made to assist others in helping them make their right choice for the game. Good luck and happy playing! Choices that have no outcome on the side have not been explored yet, please help this by contributing those answers!

These hairstyles get names in later books. Those names are included in parenthesis with a description of the hairstyle. If you choose the second option, you go through the three choices again until you have a look you like. If you tap the top of the screen, it'll tell you the book you're playing and the chapter you're on.

If you wish to exit this book, you can pick the button that shows home with an arrow key and it'll take you back to the app. If you tap at the bottom of the screen, it'll display a gear where you can view the book's options. If you ask Kaitlyn to get you in, you get in along with Kaitlyn and Abbie.

If you ask Zack to get you in, you get in, but Zack doesn't. Either way, Logan will let everyone in a few minutes later. If you get at least two of them correct, you win some time to talk with Chris and get " Queen of Pong. If you choose to write about relationship drama or the party scene, Vasquez loves it.

One Call Away. She quits for you. Choices for fancy outfits only include outfits you have purchased earlier in the book or the free outfits you wore instead. There is no long term effect to either, but James looks sad if you tell him that Kaitlyn is "Very special to me. The first option is correct, but there's no effect other than an immediate response from James.

You have reached the end of The Freshman, Book 1. I angle my left arm pointing towards the exit and she nods in understanding. I stumble forward and after my poor attempt at keeping my balance, I make contact with the floor on my knees but prevented myself from falling further by planting both arms on the ground. The whole experience knocked the wind out of me and it was extremely difficult to reorient myself when my vulnerable form is being pushed and stepped on, so I remained on the ground.

After awhile, a feel someone yank me up by my bicep. He stays on my side while holding me by my shoulders, sort of encasing me in his arms. Only when we finally got out and a safe distance away from the venue did Zig release his hold on me. I muster a small smile at him before leaning on a wall. I massaged my temples and released a heavy sigh, Zig wordlessly eyeing me from a few steps away.

I saw you fall and shit, I was so scared something terrible happened to you! Relieved to see her relatively unharmed, I gave her a tired grin.

She holds me by my arms, her eyes scanning me for any horrible injury I might have gotten before pulling me into a hug. She abruptly pulls away before I could return the embrace, her hands now resting on my shoulders. Zig looked taken aback for a moment before his face morphs into a scowl. That guy happened to get rough with your girlfriend! I was only protecting her. It was just an accident, Kait.

Just calm down and not take this all on Zig! Do I rationalize it as your way of getting back at me for not spending time with our roommates?! That sounds petty and stupid. She rolls her eyes. The most logical person to blame here is him. Cut him some slack. And what is with this guy, why does he always throw himself at you every chance he gets? Is she jealous again? A memory flashed through my head.

She backs away slightly, but continues to glower at me nonetheless. Who, might I remind you, was someone you were always giddy to meet every band practice which is incidentally, almost everyday!

I love being in a band, MC not being with Natasha!! Kaitlyn is still understandably seething but she abruptly turns and begins to walk away. Next related articles: What to do when youre dating an alcoholic. Excuse for that I interfere … At me a similar situation. I invite to discussion.

The freshman game of love walkthrough

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[Walkthrough] Choices: The Freshman Book 2