Total nc cameo collector

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Download WIN: You must be registered to see the links. Last edited by a moderator: Mar 18, Kryptozoid Active Member. Sep 3, 1, I liked the visuals, very simple but well done, nice colors. It is very straight forward but there is enough content considering how quick you can unlock everything. What it's missing is basically more things to do, events and such.

The room where you can see all the sprites fucking is a nice idea but I'd rather it was a quest hub. Talking to people doesn't do anything, if a few of them gave you quests to unlock costumes, girls, or new events it would be nice.

TL;DR : Too simple, but nicely done. Hoping for other gameplays added quests, events Alenz1 Newbie. Mar 14, 19 Very simple, i got myself wondering if there was only that to the game and nothing else D: But it was nicely done, as said before Edit: and the artwork is very nice to look at. Tygrys Newbie. Mar 17, 82 Link is dead, can someone reup it? Umaru-chan Active Member. Aug 12, Tygrys said:.

Reactions: Tygrys. T6Nido said:. Aug 24, Can someone re up the link? AeonX2 New Member. May 25, 1 3. Jun 7, 84 Link dead. MonkeyManiac Newbie. Jun 16, 46 5. JesusDaGangsta New Member. Jun 25, 12 You must be registered to see the links. Ocha Newbie. Aug 21, 33 5. OfficialKeblo Newbie. Jan 24, 28 Fancy artwork. I love it! ChaoticShock Newbie. Mar 13, 54 Reactions: Kryptozoid. Ghostly Hale Active Member. Jan 26, Oh no Seems i've ed the waiting list. Meh hope this guy finishes what he or she starts. Randomguy48 Newbie.

Apr 17, 21 7. Anyone know how to close the textbox? Also whats the 4th training for??? MrGhostRider Active Member. Jun 7, Anyone have the list of girls featured in this game? Jul 27, 21 MrGhostRider said:. James Eveleth Well-Known Member. Mar 22, 1, 1, I put an update request, you can bump it if you're interested.

On a side note, sadi is back from hibernation, so we might expect an even newer update soon. Reactions: BoomerPyro. DaMew New Member. Aug 17, 8 7. So has this been abandoned? Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

Total nc cameo collector

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