Total rookie magical * mayaka

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Pit your utter novice of a magical girl against demons in hardcore ero battle! With only the most basic training she's called on to subdue the demons that are snatching people up in town. Aided only by her pixie companion "Nyanmaru", Mayaka must fight her way to the secret base and somehow take down the evil and save the people Engage the enemy in "ero ryona battle".

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If you've played a hentai indie game you know the drill. Failed battles will pay off in special CGs. Plus unlock other event CGs. Blast demons and navigate the traps of the stage.

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Defeating each stage's boss is your objective! Updated Developer Himitsu Kessha. Language jap.

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Download via k2s. Download via fboom.

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Related games. The cries of women echo throughout the dark cavern This is an invitation for you to the Goblin Burrow! Do you know of gobli Former military. Strong sense of justice, and desire to ri The story of an elf getting impregnated over the course of a thousand years. A spin-off story featuring a character from "Witch-in The game is based around collecting kinds of treasure.

Prologue In the Emerald kingdom where humans live, the war with the Glome Empire where monsters live has been raging for 3 yearsA

Total rookie magical * mayaka

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Total Rookie Magical Mayaka