Trials in tainted space dane

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Makes it feel more like a group as opposed to a bunch of completely separate individuals. Of course. One of the great little touches on TiTS is the written by area. Whenever I find a particularly nice scene, I can instantly find out who is responsible for it. Question will players ever get to have psy powers? Might that be a loop hole we could jump through? I know, I know, almost certain to never end up happening these days, but a man can dream, right?

We can trials in tainted space dane have a threesome scene as long as they only have sex with Steele and not each other. For everyone with a similar problem: You have to fuck Dane once before the new scene is available. More Dane stuff! The Storm Gaurd Temple is considered minor? I thought it was the main reason why the PC would want to come to Uveto? The main reason I go to Uveto is for the Korgonne. Just how uncommon are they?

I found one eventually. Might just be a coincidence tho. Small typo, if the option to ask Dane about his harem is locked, the tooltip calls him refers to him as Jane. Anyone know what flags you have to hit for the threeesome scend with celise and amber?

I can only get the threeesome with amber and anno. Virility already boosts preg quantity in most npc preg, and in all npc preg I code. Although it will not cause the of kids to exceed the max possible. Male preg speed would be tricky to do.

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Since npc preg is unique code each time, all npc preg would need to be updated. I had to use the editor to increase the quantity, because in a newer version it was impossible to get 4 x the maximum Queen of the Deep children. Even with very high fertility. And without the possibility to increase male preg speed, this mechanic is in total a punishment for the player, because only our bonus is halved.

Ah, you meant father preg speed and kid increase for Steele preg. Those exists but most NPCs are set to standard for their race. Unless the writer wants the starting incubation time to be shorter or more kids on average than the standard for their race, they will be set to standard. A punishment would be an npc with lower than average incubation speed, which is possible as well. To make it clear. The editor has 3 options. Pregnancy Multiplier [ingame: Fertility, Quantity Modifier] — Which increases the chance for maximum children for Steele.

Very useful with the Queen of the Deep. Pregnancy Incubation Bonus Mother [ingame: Fertility, Speed Modifier] — We can already increase that and it reduces our pregnancy duration. Except the frostwyrm pregnancy. Except it has now been patched.

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Because then one value is always halved without receiving any equivalent. Let me use some of that consumable item space I never use to put fun things in! I found a strange ball thin the back of Dr. It is probably from the Pexiga quest. At present, Dr. Badger is the only one that can uplift her. She uses the ball to turn her into a bimbo. So with the lurelings, is there any sort of plans to make them take control of the pc? Perhaps maybe as a bad end, or something like the mimbranes and other parasites? Or anything for that matter aside from tile descriptions.

For obvious reasons. Wait… Syri as a crewmate?? Sorry i bother everyone i guess. Not really. Kattom Osgood is a fat old man. Generally speaking, Dane is probably strong enough or sexy enough to get at least a couple of girls. EH, HG is just a d-bag. Ive been trials in tainted space dane to encounter a lureling for like…8 days now. I have yet to see hide nor hair of one, do I need to have something in the codex or something else done? Ironically though, there is some in game Canon Rule 63 of Sera and Anno. Do i need to do something for it?

Proudly powered by WordPress. Blackoot de by Iceable Themes. I am at least 18 years old. Remember me. Search for:. Fenoxo's Blog. Changelog TiTS. Big shout out to Whimsalot for finally pushing this long side-lined project into the code! Dane got three new talk options! Thanks to Lighterfluid for helping to code it! New threesome scene for Celise and Amber, again coded by Lighterfluid. New scene for amber where she can use her taur toys to help her mount a biped Steele. Once more, thanks to Lighterfluid for hitting the code switches. Assorted fixes and tweaks courtesy of pretty much everybody.

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Trials in tainted space dane

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