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New public paaaaaaaaaaatch! Truthfully speaking. Till you added the Slyveren wall slut. Just to echo the poster, the Slyveren Wall Bust was extremely well done. My female Steele whose fantasising curiosity got the better of her and grew a dick just for the Slyverens after repeated subjugation from the Slavebreakers is now helplessly hooked on her and a repeat visitor after every minor excursion away from the Tap Hall….

Just keep getting sucked obediently by the Blue Snake. The option [Harem? Is this really a bad end? Cause no matter how I look at it, it looks like a good ending. Especially with how the MC has freedom of choice. Uh… how do I proc the Verusha bathhouse scene and the new Verusha scene? I meet all the requirements and spent the better part of 30 minutes running around outside the bathhouse to no avail. The new verusha scene you need to have done all her talks, and it gets added to the pool of random scenes. Right, and the bath scene?

Seems totally broken for both me and a of others judging by the forums.

It is only a one-time scene. For me I just went into interact, then picked talk, and she just went and grabbed the thermal pack and BAAM Perma warm temperature. Have thermal pack in inventory and go to Talk menu. The toggle to turn it on or off is also in her Talk menu. Just in case you want to take uveto cold damage. Fen forgot to mention that. Okay I got a question. I got that chip from the droid bimbo quest. She must have the standard Healing ability learned.

Correction, I was referring to the cold immunity. The medical learning should be available from any Talk menu as long as requirements are met. The best stuff was cherry picked and adjusted for game balance. Honestly, things got so crazy this past month that I honestly forgot to get excited for trials in tainted space nova upcoming Public Patch.

On another note, does thebiologist have enough content in the game to earn the creator status? And will the public Gtihub repository be updated so that SeriousBlueJewel can continue his volunteerism? Patreon is adding taxes to some features of campaigns. But from the sounds of it the taxes will be added on top of pledge costs, rather than being subtracted from what I earn. Err, a bit late of me to ask. But how exactly do we fix that damaged droid in Dhaal? Any help please? He also needs to be hired to Steele Tech. Since Steele will never get a Cyborg Racial score, is there a plan to change Cybernetic Synchronization to work with the new system and make it obtainable?

Whoever made that slyvern vaginal scene has my praise!! It was great! Shame it le to an ending I would adore if we could do that without bad end but regardless that was top tier material made amidst tough times!

Other then that, great work! Fully agreed. The domination via hypnosis is a delicious bonus of course. It would appear, I am able to make as many implant purchases as I want, and it costs me nothing. I can also swap them around and uninstall for free, as well. The only thing that costs something, is the initial scanning.

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Trials in tainted space nova

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Trials In Tainted Space