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Shade is a kaithrit bounty hunter and sometimes-pirate that Captain Steele meets on Myrellionshortly after meeting Kara Volke for the first time. Through her interactions, it is evident that Shade is an older woman -- a mother, too -- and a veteran with plenty of stories under her belt. Shade Irons is a tall, athletic woman in her mid thirties, with enough age and experience under her belt to show, but not damage her killer figure.

A second gun, a compact little holdout pistol, is barely visible on the back of her belt. A green-scaled reptilian tail coils out behind her, tipped with a rosy pink slit that perfectly mimics a terran vagina, drooling with moisture as its lips spread and flick through the air. She has a pussy of her own, wet and nicely accommodating, tucked between her legs. She has a single, tight little asshole between her taut buttcheeks, right where it belongs.

Shade was born on Rosha, the kaithrit homeworld, to a young computer expert and a mystery father. She grew up relatively poor and, despite her access to education, eventually turning to bounty hunting to make ends meet.

During her early years as a huntress, she met the ausar pirate Amara Faell and had by her: Astra. Her pregnancy caused a falling out with her mother, and Astra fled to the icy world of Uveto where she was taken in by the Stormguard religious faction. She lived there for several years before returning to her career, now with greater training and backing thanks to her new patrons.

She has since pulled several high profile contracts, including rescuing corporate C. This side job eventually le her to meet Steele, either as allies, lovers, or enemies. Once Steele gets to know her, Shade reveals herself to be calm, cool, and laid back.

Steele can fuck Shade at the tavern on Myrellion simply by asking, prompting her to take Steele back to her ship, the Miragefor a ride. She has a tail-cunt, earned on one of her bounty missions, and is more than happy to use it on Steele in bed, which can lead to her tail bearing eggs. Trials in tainted space shade Steele makes the appropriate choices, it is possible to get trials in tainted space shade with Shade and sex her. Once there is a positive relationship with her, Steele can interact with her in several different ways.

Upon discovery, the player can either reveal to Shade who her father is or hide it from her. Hiding her heritage from her in Steele telling her that the activation of the pod was a bug in the system. Shade promptly leaves to her home on Uveto. After finding out your secret relation if you chose to tell her you will receive a message next time you land on Uvetotelling you she wants to talk and the location of her house. In addition to the usual talk options, Shade can eventually reveal the existence of the 5th planet in TiTS: Uvetowhere she lived for some time, and where her daughter Astra currently resides.

She mentions that she is a member of the Stormguard religious faction, despite her agnosticism, and deeply respects their warrior tradition, which helped to shape her into the woman she is today. Khan and Amara Faell. She also carries a Hold-out Pistol for backup if she has been disarmed or the player character has complete immunity to electric attacks.

If victorious in battle, hostile Shade will drop no credits but will drop her Arc Caster. She is worth XP. After completing Kara Quest part 2if Shade has moved to Uveto and Steele is outside Irestead, she may send you an e-mail asking for help with a bounty. Upon arrival, Steele will find Amara tied up on her bed in an attempt to bring peace between Steele and Amara.

Choosing to give her a Boob Worship will open her interests to talk about Mods. Each item will affect her similar to how they affect Steele. If Steele successfully distracts her via flirting or sides with her, Steele will earn a friend and possible lover on Myrellion. If she is in a relationship with Steele, the encounter le to a dialogue with Shade back at the bar that in either her asking for some distance due to the perceived betrayal, or outright dumping a dishonest Steele.

If she is a hostile encounter during this part of the quest, she will be aided by a of fenris dronesalthough victory in this fight only requires her to be defeated, not necessarily the drones. Responding negatively will have Shade leave Steele and Steele will be unable to interact with her again. While this is not necessarily a quest, it is an expansion to her interactions. Prior to this event, it is required that Shade is alive and active.

If Shade is unconscious, she will be inactive for about two days before being active again. If Shade needs time to herself to think, it will take about a day before she is active again. Choosing to refuse will make Shade leave and she will become hostile.

After the introduction, Shade should be available at her home from tootherwise she will appear in the bar.

Approaching her house at the appropriate time will allow Steele to use the Buzzer. If Steele is a lover and has a revealed relation to Shade, Shade will express her difficulties with the relationship and consults with Steele on the matter. Note: Relationships outside of being her lover are yet to be implemented, so approaching her house as a non-lover may not produce any interactions at all. Any repeat interactions at her home have not yet been implemented either, though she will still appear at the bar in the appropriate times.

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Trials in tainted space shade

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