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But the basis of the story is based on that prompt. Gifs are not mine and all credit goes to the original owners! He ran his hand through his already ruffled up hair and sighed, tugging absentmindedly at the drawstrings of his sweatpants. Jimin, the youngest corporate executive in the world, could make any girl putty in his hands if he wanted to. He thought about what she looked like when she would roll her long shirt sleeves up to her elbows, how her hair would shine in the sun, and her lips.

Dear god, her lips were just so inviting. Whenever she was concentrating on something or when she was reading over important documents, she would always bite her lips, drawing Jimin in even more than before. If only there was a way to get her to indulge into this information.

As his mind traveled back to the girl that was taking over his thoughts, a knock came to his door. To what do I owe the pleasure of having you at my doorstep? This was just too easy!

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Would you like to know about them? You are very beautiful on your own, you simply need to … play up your assets. Wear darker colors, after all, the darker ones usually are portrayed as more mysterious and sexy anyways.

The dark colors will bring out your pretty eyes. He dropped his voice to a casually suggestive volume somewhere between normal conversation and a whisper. How have you been? I did not even say anything of substance, and look how you reacted!

Your words must caress as your hands do. Now, try again. Well that certainly sent some blood south. That was good? Jimin nodded. It was a little too good. What am I supposed to do? Cover myself in whipped cream or something? She stopped when she got in the range of one-on-one conversation, suddenly taking a deep breath.

Got it. Jimin noticed this and smirked. Jimin chuckled and hugged the girl, letting her have a moment. Jimin, it smells so amazing. Jimin took a sharp tumblr art of seduction, he had to control himself, otherwise his plan would all go downhill. He pried the girl off him gently and she groaned in annoyance, she wanted to bury her head back into his neck and smell that wondrous smell that Jimin had put on his body. You tumblr art of seduction something heavier, spicy … and you like to smell it when you are close to the person.

What I like most about it, though, is that it lingers … and that brings us to our final lesson. This meeting had to be the longest, most tedious, most agonizing meeting that Jimin had ever been to. Jimin told her to play it up and was she ever. It all started this morning when he was waiting in line for coffee. Most of the employees needed coffee this early in the morning or some, well most really would become very … frustrated bitchy. Jimin was standing in the coffee line, Taehyung and Jungkook standing behind him having a loud discussion about something ridiculous. Then they both just stopped talking all together.

Taehyung nudged him and pointed down the corridor. Jimin followed his gaze until he saw what they were staring at. She had her head down and she was playing with her hands absentmindedly. Namjoon nudged her shoulder and she looked up, spotting the three of them waiting in the coffee line. She smiled and left Namjoon and walked towards the three men. All three of them were drowning in red. The darkest red that stood out beautifully against her hair and skin. Her eyes shined behind her glasses and her black heels clicked on the marble floor.

She made her way to them and she tilted her head, her hair catching the rays from the sun as she spoke in a soft, velvet voice. How are you? Jimin spoke up after a while.

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They both blushed and hid their faces. You look totally hot! Jungkook then preceded to smack Taehyung around the head. What the hell was that for?! Show the lady some respect. She let her hand trail down Jungkook arm until she reached his elbow and she walked to Jimin who was … glaring at Jungkook? It lingered, just as he knew it would, and Jimin stood in the hallway, cursing his lack of foresight.

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This had backfired. He glanced around and … oh if it was Jungkook or Namjoon it would really be torture. She licked her lips, pouted in boredom, applied chap stick, and nibbled at her bottom lip in such a come-hither manner it was indecent. When at last the conference ended and Taehyung had no crazier ideas to throw out on the table, Jimin nearly cried with relief. It was over, and there was nothing standing between him and the door. Wait up. Forcing down the urge to bolt, he plastered on a smile and turned around. What can I do for you? The room was uncomfortably warm to Jimin, making him sweat a little bit.

Jimin blanked. I was asking if we could take off at the same time. Jimin suddenly felt that acidic jealousy rise up in his throat like bile, filling him with a rage and possessiveness he never felt before. Especially with you looking like … that. His eyes lingered over her curves and the swell of her breast, making him groan inwardly. Jimin let out a small growl and shook his head, his eyes turning into slits.

I should be the only one to look at you like that! It makes me so angry that they tumblr art of seduction look at you like that, I just want be possessive of you! Well, it was really you the whole time. Jimin placed his hands on her ass, playfully giving it a smack and a squeeze.

Jimin growled into her mouth and he hoisted her up, wrapping her legs around his waist as they continued to make out against the wall of the conference room. The two of them suddenly heard giggling. You owe me lunch! You both had these plans for a while now, and he was really looking forward to hanging out with you.

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned. Suga : Silent treatment. All the way. Poor Yoongi would be so hurt when you ditched out on the date he had planned to tumblr art of seduction out and play with the maknae line. He would take his blanket fortress out to the living room, mumbling something about goodnight and sleeping on the couch tonight. He would spend the night on the uncomfortable couch, falling asleep alone but waking up to find you laying on his chest, fast asleep.

He missed you too much to be mad for too long. Originally posted by imaginesbts. J-Hope : Hobi would be sad when you told him that you already had plans to hang out with Jimin, declining his offer to go out to the movies with him. Hoseok would sigh out of disappointment and go out to the studio to practice his choreo for the upcoming promotions since he had nothing better to do. He would chuckle and wake you up, kissing your forehead and forgiving you as he carried you off to bed.

Some cuddles and small talk was definitely in order. Originally posted by pastelyoonseok. Rap Monster : Namjoon would take a mature approach to this problem. Sure, he understood that you were close to his other members, but he still wanted your attention as well.

Originally posted by ygnj. Jimin : Jimin would be very pouty when he found out that you ditched him to go hang out with Yoongi at the studio to watch him do his music making magic. Jimin would be disappointed, he had planned that you and him would go out the afternoon. It was such a nice day with bright blue skies, a light breeze, and he even prepared a picnic for the two of you with a little help from Mama Jin of course. There would be a couch fort built in the living room, with candles and blankets laid out inside with your laptop opened up to one of his favorite movies. Originally posted by melaningoddessneota.

V : Sad Tae is never a good Tae. Originally posted by parkjmxn.

Tumblr art of seduction

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