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Today is the day, my new novel is out in the world! To learn more check out my website www.

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Finally my new novel is coming out on 26th May! More info is on my website www. How are you? I mean that sincerely, how are you? And then it happened. And everything screamed to a halt. I was working on my new dark paranormal romance series The F Tales before the virus. The series merges fairytales and fables, myths and magic, the supernatural and the sexy, potent legends and powerful love … with some twists.

But as writing is a bit of a solitary vocation, and I still had electricity, it was okay. So I finished the first novel, sent it to the editor …. Then that something set in … a wobble of faith. Had I written the novel I tumblr erotic love to write? And then it came back, only for my editor to have the exact same reservations as me. Moral of the tale—always, always, always, go with your gut about the stories you write.

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The town centre was empty. No people. It was like being in the movie 28 Days Later without the zombies. I want readers to go on a journey with my characters and explore, watch a new relationship blossom, despite the kinks and kerbs it may hit to get there. The first novel in the new series is coming next year, which is a completely different one than the one I intended, but you will be the first to see the cover, the book trailer, and read the first chapters: I promise.

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Roll on I hope all my tumblr followers and friends had a lovely Christmas Day! Now Playing Tracks. So I finished the first novel, sent it to the editor … Always go with your gut … Then that something set in … a wobble of faith. The Fun Bit. Keep safe. Keep happy. And keep on reading… Love and best wishes, A.

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