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Brandi was volunteered to clean out the attic. Brandi knew the real reason she had to go and she was jealous of that reason.

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The attic was cramped and filled with all sorts of things that made it difficult for her sisters move around up there. Her nineteen year-old sister, Kelly, had recently started college with breasts that rested proudly just above her navel. Only fourteen years-old and Cady was entering high school with breasts larger than her head. Brandi was twenty-four and flat as a board.

Brandi cussed under her breath as she shoved a box from one side of the attic to the other and it tipped over. Luckily the only thing that fell out was a book covered in dust. Brandi sat the box back upright and shuffled over to the book.

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She blew the dust off the book and coughed as it flew into her face. As she waved the dust from her eyes, she looked down at the title of the book. Brandi was silently grateful for this. She was covered in dust. Cady was in the front seat while Jessica and Kelly were in the backseat. Cady stuck her chest out proudly. Cady giggled as Jessica fondled her breasts. Brandi closed the door to her apartment, glad to be away from those women. She wanted the insane breasts her sisters had. Hell her mom had breasts that just about rested her lap when she sat down. She looked down disappointed at her meager chest and wiped away some dust on her front while she walked.

She was thinking of taking a shower but she had a whole week to herself before she had to go back to work, so she decided to slum it in dusty clothes. When Brandi got to the kitchen, she saw a book resting on the table. It was the spell book. Use it well. I hope it will bring you infinite happiness as it did me.

I love you very much. Brandi loved her grandmother. She never treated Brandi any differently like the rest of her family did. She flipped through the book and stopped at a particular spell. The spell seemed very simple. All she had to do was grab her chest or lack thereof and say a couple words. The only hard part were the words themselves. These words were utter nonsense and she had no idea how to pronounce them. Tumblr real breast gave it a shot anyway. She tumblr real breast her chest and said the words as best she could. Afterwards, she looked down hoping something would happen, but was disappointed.

She tried again saying the words a different way. How about this way? Still nothing. She realized how stupid this was. There was no such thing as magic. Especially not boobie growing magic. She took the book and lied down on the couch and flipped through more of the book.

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One required a tomato that weighed a metric ton. She read through more and before she knew it, she had drifted off to sleep. The growth was fast. All four of them were in a small space that was rapidly filling up with luscious breast meat pushing Brandi up against the wall of the room. Brandi screamed as the growing walls of breast flesh pinned her. Her screams were muffled by their growing flesh and the laughs of her sisters. Brandi awoke breathing heavily.

She looked down at the book, but her vision was blocked by a wall of cleavage. She sat upright shocked. Where did these boobs come from? She poked one of her breasts. This was real. She then grabbed her breasts. They overfilled her hands. That was the wrong word. They were overflowing her hands. Slowly but surely, her breasts were growing right in front of her eyes. Brandi marveled at the size of her growing breasts. How tumblr real breast this happen? She looked down at the spell book. She flipped tumblr real breast to the Breaste Enhancere spell.

She only read the first part, there was another going to into detail about the spell. Thise curse workes differently fore everyone. It felt really good! She placed the spellbook on her distending shelf. Maybe not reverse it. This is nice. Maybe just stop it. She said the incantation. The growth slowed then stopped. Her naked breasts overflowed her lap. These are amazing! After a few seconds, she gasped as her breasts began growing again.

They grew much faster than before, pulling her to the ground. She rested on top of her growing mounds. Her swelling tits were now incredibly sensitive. She orgasmed as her ballooning breasts took up more and more space. Posts Following Ask me anything Submit a post Archive.

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She is amazing. I would be happy for this wish. Merry Christmas Howdy ho. I just want to wish everyone on Tumblr and my loyal follwers a merry Christmas and happy holidays.

Tumblr real breast

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