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Crisis help: Suicide and crisis hotlines. Also if you have more specific questions regarding the above and fitness, thenonbinraywarrior is a great blog to check out! Looking right now. Depends which drug.

Get in slave and shut the fuck up?

Who wants to get made fun of and verbally assaulted? Me me me me me.

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Always, because I deserve it. Been made to reblog this by my strict friend Thank you.

I would love to worship anyone who would humiliate me. Please do, it gets me off. Yes please I need it. Love it.

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Find me. You know you are a slave for blacksif you post this flagalso if you know, from this moment you have to obey every black men. I am at your complete disposal, Black Masters. A brief intro to questioning Trans for trans people What is the transgender umbrella? How do I choose a name? Trying to sleep when you have dysphoria Airposts and traveling by plane Gender neutral bathrooms Getting insurance to cover your transition Does transitioning help mental health? Here is a master post from this blog!

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Tumblr sissy training

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