Twin incest stories

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She is 20 minutes older than I am and she makes that as a point to sisterly treat me as her little brother. I love being around her as she is one hot sexy babe! She stands at 5 feet 8 inches with figure. Her long straight blonde hair reached her back and with that succulent lips and tits that she have, she can sisterly me any way she likes. The problem with Twin incest stories is she has a boyfriend named Joshua and I pretty much hate the bastard! I know that she lost her virginity to that prick last year when they went snowboarding for a week. Her tits changed after that as her breasts grow in size, making them fuller in her sexy little body hugging tiny t-shirts.

In addition, to make sure that I can enjoy those tits and legs, I always make sure that I suck in everything I do. At school, my grades are so bad that she would tutor me just so I can pass. I suck in playing the piano, and as a good sister of mine, she will come and assist me. I suck in social studies; she helps me boost my grades! I suck in writing essays and she stays up all night helping me. I am a pampered little brother who needs sisterly attention… what can I say. Today mom and dad are visiting Uncle Roger. I have the whole house and my scrumptious hot twin to my self.

Her jackass boyfriend too is not in town and I am ecstatic to be with her for the whole weekend. She is sunbathing behind our house on the green grass, with a colorful beach towel under her. In a pink bikini, her skin glows and glistens under the hot sun. My cock twin incest stories in milliseconds as I imagine my hands rubbing her round luscious ass begging me to fuck her hot wet cunt as I watch her from my room. What a hot twin that I have! I walk slowly down into the kitchen, take out a bottle of water and head to the back of the house. A few feet from her is a lounge chair that dad bought last month and I simply laze there.

She turns her head, wets her lips and smile at me. I can feel the jolt in my loin and return her smile.

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I sip the water to wet the dry throat that I have. She motions that she wants to drink it as well and I hand the bottle to her. She sits up, crosses her shapely legs and drink from the bottle. My cock shudders with the sight. Evelyn… Evelyn… what a view you are giving me!

Her pink small bikini is straining her mound and I can see her slit clearly forming from where I am lazing and with my sunglasses on, I can take pleasure in staring her sexy hot body without her knowing! My thought is disrupted when she accidentally spills the water onto her tan tits that are merely covered by two minuscule patches of pink fabric and her nipples become more visible as the water from the bottle splashes on them.

My cock jolts with the sight and I cannot but help my sexy twin and go to her side. I sit cross-legged facing her and take the bottle away. Then, I use my left hand to dry her chin, and then her neck and Twin incest stories unhurriedly move my hand lower over her drenched right breast and nipple. My fingers brush over her nipple and her nipple reacts to my fingers and she draws in her breath as her eyes dart to mine. Her eyes widen each time I whisper those words to her and I move my head closer and closer; and when I stop my sentence, my mouth is inches away from her right ear.

I leisurely lick the right side of her neck and she arches her neck into my devouring lips. My left hand is squeezing her breast that is already bare, as I have lowered the garment covering her generous chest. Her left hand suddenly pushes me away. I stop. She was breathing heavily and her eyes were hazy from the passion that I have just stirred. Is this wrong? Her tit fills my hand and her body unconsciously moves forward offering her tit into my care. I then use my knuckles, rubbing the bikini material into her pussy to increase the pressure on her slit.

She moans and I can feel my fingers dampen by the slick twin incest stories forming on her cunt. I insert my hand into the front of her tiny bikini and my palm grazes her short pubic hair; and it meets her pussy that is now covered with her sweet juices.

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I rub my palm up and down her mound making her breathless and she moans even more. My sister instinctively falls back onto her beach towel with me still massaging both her tits now and my right hand deliciously rubbing her pussy. Then, Evelyn suddenly tries pushing me away. I want to fuck you cunt! If you refuse, fine… I will use force. I know I can and will hurt you! I want you for too long and I even let that asshole Josh fuck you first!

I am going to fuck you one way of the other. I say it to her lovely face. She holds her breath for a very long time. She does not say anything. Her silence is killing me and I feel that she genuinely does not want me to fuck her. My threats to rape and hurt her are useless. Feeling defeated, I take my hands away from her tits and pussy. I stand up and my eyes roam her delicate tan body before I turn around and go inside the house to my room. My cock is bursting in my shorts twin incest stories I have to take a shower. This content appeared first on new sex story. The cold water does little to my hard on and I end up relaxing in my big bathtub.

Suddenly, I hear someone is opening the door. Evelyn is standing there naked and her pussy glistens with her juices. She walks slowly to the bathtub; and raises her left leg and put it in the bathtub. I cannot help but stare her wet pussy from below realizing that she is going to let me fuck her pussy for the first time. She raises her right leg and now she is standing between my legs with her soaked pussy framed by her short blonde pubic hair. She lowers herself in the tub, water spilling to the floor to accommodate both of us and her long blonde hair floating behind her.

I can feel her breasts first, on my rock-hard cock jutting just above the water level and she moves up until her big tits rest on my chest with her head just under my chin and her, yes her, between my legs. I am holding either side of the bathtub to support us both. Her hands have started timidly searching for my cock under her and the feeling of her fingers wrapping on my cock makes me shove my hip upwards making more water spilling from the tub. She raises her body and her boobs wet from water are so tempting for my mouth.

Twin incest stories suckle them ravenously. She stares at my cock for a while and unhurriedly inserts it into the entrance of her pussy. My sister raises her hip slightly to accommodate my intruding cock. She is so tight and the wall of her vagina clasps my meat. She moves her hip lower making the penetration deeper.

Both of us moan simultaneously. She stops when all my cock is buried deep in her soaked tight pussy. Her fingers now holding my shoulder digging her fingernails in my skin while her wet luscious mouth slightly open; and her rapid breathing makes her boobs tremble and quiver. I start by making circular movement with my hip and feel the wall of her canal shudders with every single move that I make.

She then starts moving up and down my shaft while desperately holding my shoulders to support her movement.

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Her boobs shake and shudder with the movement of her hips. I too move my hip forward impaling my sweet hot twin with my cock. I ram my cock upwards over and over again while she repetitively moving down accepting me. I use my right hand and touch the place where her pussy meets my thick cock relishing the feel of her pubic hair, and she screams loud as she seems to like it when I put pressure on the upper part of her now engorged cunt.

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The pressure seems to make her crazy. Her back arches as her whole body shudders with her climax. I thrust a few more times in her hot pussy. Her vaginal wall squeezes my still inflamed cock and I too climax. I can feel the last of my semen deposited in her stretched pussy and she falls onto my chest with her big boobs sandwiched between us. We stay in the bathtub for quite some time until we can see that the sun is setting through the window.

I fix dinner and we enjoy it while watching a movie. It is Ice Age and we laugh together watching it. My sister all of a sudden stands up and clears the table taking everything away. I simply let her do what she does cause I hate doing dishes. After 10 minutes, she comes back and she, to my surprise blocks my view of the television by standing in front of me with her ass directly in front of my face.

She is naked and my cock hardens with the sight of her magnificent ass and shapely legs. Evelyn twin incest stories takes two steps forward and bends her body over the big coffee table in front of the television. Her ass high up in the air waiting for my assault to her already dripping pussy. My cock stretches to its 8 inches of splendor and I shove my cock into her soaked pussy. I love the sound of my balls every time they come into contact with her skin and the sound of our fuck is music to my ears.

I slam her pussy again, and again and again, till I can feel that my climax is near. She cums first and I twin incest stories to ram my cock deep inside her canal. Holding her waist with both hand I thrust hard screaming her name and I can see my semen and her juices leaking out from her pussy dripping her anus down to the back of her thighs as I cum inside her. Love… your tits… your pussy… your lips… you ass.

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I want to… fuck your cunt… many more times… Evelyn. Fuck my mouth… pussy… fuck me! I want your cock… ooh… I want it. I am the happiest brother in this whole wide world because my hot sexy twin lets me fuck her hot succulent pussy.

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Twin incest stories

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