Wife trainer walkthrough

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There are 3 main routes, so when you make a choice try to get points for the route you want:.

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And you also need points to progress through each character routes: Dylan, Sam, Ellie, Patricia and Sophia. At the end if Sophia has same or more Filthy than Good wife points she can react relaxed or annoyed, if not, just annoyed. And this choice has also impact in the future.

Only if Sophia complimented Alyssa here she tells her son Zac to give his mom her regards. And when they leave she can talk with Emma, this choice has also impact in the future. Only if she gets the 4 Lesb points you will get an scene. Only available if Sophia complimented Alyssa here.

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Only available if Sophia has same or more Good wife Points than Filthy points. If she accepts the job she can compliment Mr Herman and Mr Gibbs impact if the future. She can keep relaxing Nothing or have a look see, if she has a look see:.

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Only available if you accept it here. You can listen to their stories Future relationship or not Nothing. Only available if you invited Emma here. If she has more Filthy than Good Wife points, wife trainer walkthrough can eavesdrop on them and Sam will peek at her impact in the future. The only choice is to allow Carl to flirt with her or not impact in the future. She can trust her sister and go with her, or refuse the vigilantism and report the to the police. Require: No more than one glass of vermouth and report the subway thugs to the police.

Require: Bikini Deal Here. She can drive back home if she watched Ellie and Julia at the pool hereotherwise:. Now Sophia can drive back with Dylan or go with Ellie, to the park o to the Spa with Ellie and Patricia this last choice requires Sophia has been there with Vicky the day before.

She will stay only if she has more Filthy points than good wife. And if she has at least 34 Filthy points she can:.

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Only if she refused the nursing job here. Only if she accepted the nursing job here. She can choose to acted interested to progress through this storyline or not. Starts with a different scene depending on your choices.

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Wife trainer walkthrough

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