Wt silver walkthrough

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Wt silver walkthrough in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Mods. Discussion Reviews Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First Prev of Go to. Rexworth New Member. Sep 3, 4 2. You must be registered to see the links. Nov 14, 17, 6, SuckMySchnitzel said:. Sometimes I wish this game had a walkthrough. Especially for the new content, I feel like I'm wasting time waiting for someone to knock on my door so that the "story" or "side quests" or whatever can progress. I'm having fun but I'll always feel like I'm missing something. Aug 28, I've noticed there's a glitch with the books; whenever I reload a savegame, it adds one additional copy of "Speedwriting for Beginners," and deletes all the other books I've purchased.

And when I say "adds one additional copy," I don't mean like one more than I had before I saved it. I mean one more than the last time I reloaded any savegame.

If I open the program and reload save 10, I'll have one copy, then if I reload 3, I'll have 2 copies, then pop over to save 7 and I have 3 copies, etc. It also makes a new copy of every book in the book section of the shop. Has anyone else experienced this? MadMerlin Member Game Developer. Aug 21, Witch Trainer: Silver - Update 1. Nov 3, 16 2. MadMerlin said:. Have fun! Jul 14, 90 Hi, sorry, do you have another link to the download? For whatever reason neither chrome or firefox are allowing me to view your dl link.

XDragONx said:. Reactions: Minoin and thereallefty.

The link to official release will always have the latest versions. Jul 5, Sorry about the link not working. I've edited my post and added the download link. And posted the change-log. I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred. RvWCaboose Active Member. Oct 21, Are saves from 1.

Ric Well-Known Member. Oct 21, 1, 3, When start a new game, an error occurs. Log in or register now. Reactions: MadMerlin. Jadeskye New Member. Aug 9, 13 6. Has anyone figured out the hidden feature in the wardrobe? Johnny28 Member Game Developer. Feb 7, Jadeskye said:.

Feb 2, Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here.

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Wt silver walkthrough

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Witch Trainer v : Silver Mod Download